7 Responses to 10 points!! Cute hair styles best ones get free 10 points!!?

  1. Jessica says:

    here are some videos of cute ones, I do the side french braid all the time I love it and it is fast to do if you know how to french braid

    this one on the bottom is more for using bobby pins but it is still really cute and easy I hope you like

  2. KillerKailee <3 says:

    Can’t go wrong with curls

  3. Stephanie says:

    Try messy buns, high ponytails and half up half down (wavy)

  4. BettyNumb3r1 says:

    pictures here

    What looks cute on one person may not be cute for another – the trick is to find the look that works best for you. When choosing a new cute style, consider:

    Face Shape: Get a style that works to highlight your best features.
    Personality: Do you want a style with a bit of emo edge, one that is a bit sexy, or one that has an innocent flair?
    Maintenance: Consider the cost and time necessary to keep your hair looking great before you pick a style.
    Hair Color: Choose a hair color that is right for your skin tone and eye color.

  5. Katherine says:

    Style 1: go for a touselled look, a kind of scrunchy look and texture, with side bangs down

    2. Cut your hair shoulder length, with alot of layers, and sidebangs.

    3. straighten

    4. Do lose or tight curls, and acccesorise with accesories

    5. get side bangs, they look good on anyone, and always add more character 🙂

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