Where’s the best place to find good hairstyle pics online?

I wanted to find a picture to show a hairdresser to illustrate the idea of how I’d like my hair done, but I can’t find one.

I wanted something that’s a little shorter in the back and longer in the front, all choppy and feathered maybe, but I can’t find a picture to match!

Anyone know any good places to find LOTS of hairstyle photos?

Or should I just doodle up when I mean and wave it at my hairdresser? lol

What hairstyle should I do for prom? my hair is very short?

Hey all! Prom for me is this Friday and I am still trying to decide what I can do with it for prom.
I recently donated 12 inches so my hair is very short. It is an inverted bob that is now longer (about 1inch above my shoulders) because my hair grows fast.
My hair doesn’t curl well and my dress is modern looking…any suggestions/pictures would be amazing!
Thank you so much!

Any suggestions on what kind of flowers to use in hair for wedding?

I am the maid of honor in a wedding this weekend, and I will be fixing my own hair. I want to wear in a low bun like style with a flower in my hair. So I use a real flower or an artifical? The dress is a clover green and my flowers that I will be carrying will be peach. Any suggestions on what to do with my hair would be great. Thanks!

Hairstyle Gallery finder?

Ok so theres this website that I lost but it had a lot of different hairstyles like emo and scene hairstyles and you could click either girl or boy and it would take you to another page and then you click long or short and it would take you to another page and then you can pick the color and you can view all the hairstyles

can anyone help me find this site?!

please and thank you !

POLL : any celebrity favorite short hair cuts? =D i need ur answer every single one counts!?

with an image please ..if u cant .. then just write the name of the celeb and the hair .. u know my head has Internet cable i can find any picture i want -hahah just kedding .. =D
hmm .. yah nice pics .. mj fans ..what can i say they r awesome ..
more awesome than a… @#$%^^&*()_ 4get it..plzz
dear : mr/mrs : R.I.P Michael Jackson 1958-2009
ur sooo kind 🙂 thanks !
sorry 4 mj fans .. i really mean it ..when i say they are awesome i mean it !
note : i did not mean to bother / hurt a creature……….. peace out

My daughter is 4 and is going to be a flower girl. How to do her hair for the wedding?

My daughter is four and my sister is getting married this next weekend. My daughter is the flower girl and I need some ideas on how to do her hair for the wedding. Her hair is down to her waist and pretty thick. Her dress is a dark purple and she has a tiara to wear too.
Thanks for the help
By the way she Loves getting her hair done. so sitting still isn’t an issue.

Any ideas for prom hair styles?

I have dark brown hair, it goes to the middle of my back, and my bangs go to my chest line. My dress is black and red and is a medieval/Victorian style dress. The prom theme is a Masquerade. I want may hair up so I don’t die of heat exhaustion. So any ideas? Prom is in 2 months. HELP!
I want kind of a gothic style hairstyle.

What is Angelina’s hairstyle called in these photos?

The hairstyle is from the 60s.
I want hair like this for my prom, but I don’t know what the hairstyle is called or how to describe it.

How do I get my hair like this (pictures)?

I want to be able to do my hair like this…


I have side bangs and my hair is longer than hers in that picture but I want to cut it like that. I don’t know how to style my hair like hers. I also want to be able to do it fast in the morning for school and stuff like that. Like 3-5 easy steps to know how to style my hair like that.
If you know anything about this PLEASE answer! Thanks!

What kind of prom hair should I do?

Okay, well junior prom’s coming up soon, and I want a cute prom hair do.
I’m still debating having either a up-do, or a half up-do.

Can someone show/suggest me some cute up-do/half up-dos?

Btw, I look like this: https://img12.imageshack.us/img12/4484/yahooanswers.jpg

That’s how my hair is. I have long hair, it’s dark brown.


How do I do my sister’s hair and makeup for her wedding?

My 18 year old sister is getting married in Las Vegas next week. She is on a very tight budget and I will be with her. She cannot afford to have her hair and make-up done.
I am proficient at applying make-up, I just would like some color ideas for a wedding.

Her hair is the big issue, she has thick shoulder length (no layers) dark brown hair. It is straight and reletivly easy to work with.

To give you an idea of her looks and coloring, think of Sandra Bullock, they could be twins.

Any help would be appraciated.
I should add that she is wearing a very simplt tiara and veil

what do you call this type of haircut ? https://www.tweakyourhair.com/hairstyle-gallery.php?showimage=290&categ?


my hair is that lenght right now and the upper part is wavy so i wanna try and cut it off . what shud i tell my stylist ? idont want the upper part cut that short

What site can I go to that has a large gallery of wedding hair and makeup pictures?

I’ve been to the more popular sites and I’ve found some things I like but I’m looking for more options.
Usually when I google "wedding hairstyles" or "wedding makeup" I can cheesy websites with styles that look dated or for older women.

Help is appreciated!

I would like instuctions on how to make this hairstyle..Photos included. Thank you!?

Hi! My hair is very fine. It’s half way down my back though. I just bought some hot rollers and want to try some new hair styles. I have a few listed and then I have a photo of my hair. I would love to be able to my hair like the first 3 photos. But, I’m not sure how to do it. And then I love the way that Ashely’s hair looks.

I am so bad at my hair. I will need detailed instructions. LOL

Thanks so much!



and here is a pic of my hair….


(it’s normally straight, I just used scrunch spray)

(this is just normal, my bangs are a little shorter)