i need links to photos of this hairstyle…

can someone please help with this? i am looking for photos of hair that is dark on the bottom layers and lighter on the top. i am having my hair colored like this before my husband comes home from afghanistan and want to take photos in to my hairstylist… thanks!
princess, is that you in the pics? if so, you are beautiful! thanks for the help ladies.

What hairstyle will fit me? (Photos to help you)?

Ok. Im gettin a haircut soon and i always just get a edge up to just maintain the hair. But i wanna cut the sides cause their getting longer.

So can anybody tell me what should i get or show me a pic of a hairstyle that i should get that will fit me. I usually get bald fade but i don’t like it that much (But if you guys think i that looks good with one then ok tell me)

Here are the links of me.. Now i have thin hair and i like to use the gel because it looks good to me.

Testing Flickr



Just pics around the hair.



Now can somebody help me find the good hairstyle (short) that i should get.
Ok. I shaved it off before but it didn’t look right. I did spiked it.

Im just tryin to see what should i do wit the sides. Should i fade it low, med, or somethin lol

Would my fine hair work with this style?


I have fine hair that is generally lifeless, and doesn’t do much. would I be able to pull off this style? Maybe I would have to get a body wave or something put in my hair to help out? Any hair experts that can answer my question? thanks.

Gisele hair cut, what do I ask for?

When I want to get my hair cut like hers what should I ask for? Long layers? Please don’t tell me to bring a picture in because I don’t have a printer and I am not going for the beachy wave look. I just want her hair cut, I wear my hair straightened.

Also if anyone knows of any websites that tells you what to ask for when getting a celebrity hair *cut* then please let me know! Please no silly sites telling me how to achieve a certain "style", I don’t need that, I just need to know what to ask for! =) thanks

What is a great site for hairstyle pics?

I have a pretty good idea how I want my hair cut, I just need to find a good pic to take with me to the salon.

Most of the sites I’ve been searching have many "trendy" photos with hairstyles nobody would wear, except models or in magazines. Nothing too artsy or abstract.

I’m looking for a site which has a lot of pics for everyday, current styles for the average person. Thanks!

What should I do with my hair for a wedding next month?

I will be the guest book attendant at my brothers 6:30 pm wedding, and I need ideas for a hair style.

My hair is very long, thick, and is naturally wavy. My hair is light brown and I have a round face shape. Also if you know of any hair accessory ideas let me know.

How should I wear my hair to prom?

I have long (like halfway down my chest), dark brown, and really thick hair. My dress is fuschia-y pink and strapless, and has sequins and beading.

I love my dress, but I don’t know how to wear my hair! I don’t really want a really intricate up-do, but I don’t just want to wear it down either.

I have already booked a hair appointment for the day of prom.

I would really love ideas for my hair, and would especially appreciate pictures. Thanks!

which hairstyle suits me more? photos included. ?

sorry, i know you all hate it when we post photos asking how hot we are, but i was just wondering – which hairstyle suits me better, i just got my hair cut today and i dont really like it….

thanksss 🙂

my previous hair:

hair as of today:

p.s. sorry, theyre terrible photos
you can’t see the colour very well in the 2nd photos, but its not a nice colour – im going to have to die over it… again.

thanks again

What is this type of hairstyle called and what kind of face shapes does it look good on?

Go to: https://www.hairstylesdesign.com/gallery/images/medium_hairstyles_23_01.jpg

What is the style called?
What face shapes would it look good on?
I know I have the picture right there. but I want to look at more of them, so I want to know the name of it. And I want to know exactly what kind of face shapes to see if it would look good on me!

An emo/punk hairstyle for school photos??

Hey i need a punk/emo style for school photos. i want to look like i dont belong in the school and that im not a clean, preppy kinda person. (im not against preps nor am i emo)
i have shoulder length layered hair and a long face.
any pictures will be appreaciated
thanks in advance 🙂

Where can I find pictures of short hair styles and cuts?

I am looking for ideas to cut my hair. The only pictures I can find online are of celebrities. I need front and back pictures or short hair cuts so I can print one out to give to my hair stylist. I have an idea of what I want just cant find a picture of it. I scared I will explain it wrong and not get the haircut I want.
Never thought about photobucket THANKS!

How should I do my makeup and hair? (wedding)?

I’m going to my cousin’s wedding next weekend and I’m not sure how to do my hair or makeup.
I’m not in charge of what I actaully "wear" because my mother already bought my dress.
I’m going to assume it’s white….
(I have black/dark brown hair, green eyes, and natural beige skin)- just in case that can help you answer