How should i have my hair for Prom?

It the end of secondary school prom (16 years old)
Im blonde and my hair is straight/wavy and is nearly halfway down my back. I have a sidefringe but im hoping to have grown it out before prom
My dress is Royal blue and strapless.
I dont want to dye my hair but i want to make it look nice.
Has anyone got any ideas for style, i was thinking of having it curled but i dont want them to drop.
Any help will be appreciated

Help! Does anyone know of a good reasonable priced wedding makeup and hair artists in the Philippines?

I am getting married on the 14th of February in Puerto Gallera, Philippines and my makep/hair artist just cancelled on me!! I cant believe it…I am so beggining to stress out!!

I am also Australian so have western skin tones and blonde hair so I need someone who has done western colouring before. Also on a tight wedding budget so need to be reasonable priced aswell

thanks x

I need an idea for how to do my hair for prom this year I have medium length hair and this is really important

My hair is brunette, and I have light skin. This is my senior prom, so it’s really important to me that I look perfect. Plus, I’m the prom committee chairman and I really am nervous that everything will go wrong, so I just need to get some things out of the way to make myself less stressed. IE: my prom hairstyle. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much.

Do you know where I could get a free catalog or photo album with children’s hair styles ?

My son is 3 ½, I am going crazy looking for hair cut styles for him, I have this hair cut I want him to get, but I cant find the picture….
I looked on-line, and I cant find pictures of boys hair cuts at all

Do you know where I could get a free catalog or photo album with children’s hair styles

How should I do my hair for the wedding I’m going to? Any Up-do advice?

I have long curly hair.
I usually wear it down, but want to do it up for a wedding.
I can’t afford to have it done, and don’t want it to be any thing very difficult to do. Any advice? I would like to have curls coming down…maybe not even curls, I could straighten some pieces a bit with the curling iron? any advice is SO appeciated! Thanks!

I need some prom hair ideas?

I want to do something different with my hair this year for prom. Every year I have tons of spiral curls and this year i want something different. I have long dark hair. My boyfriend (my date fo prom) really wants me to not have curly hair but my hair is straight everyday so I don’t want the same plain hair that I have every other day. So if there are other ways to have straight hair but make it beautiful that would be awesome. Thanks for your help if you can find any prom ideas at all.

Where can I find photos of short hairstyles for people with natural curly hair?

I keep looking for that Perfect Style for my thick curly hair. I have a busy lifestyle and it pretty much needs to be wash and wear. My last stylist gave me what she calls "The Million Dollar Haircut." It’s worth more like .99.

I’d also be interested in hearing if anybody knows an excellent stylist in the Vancouver WA area.

Should I get a bang… get one of the rihanna hair cuts… or just keep it the way it is?!?

I want to get a bang but I dont know if it would look good on me. Or one of the Rihanna hair cuts below

Here are some pics of me

p.s. I dont wear glasses…. and you think I should get red highlights like Jordan Sparks?