what type of hair style should i get for prom?

I like the whole "scene/emo" styles where its cut into choppy layers and you tease it, so thats what I have done. I have black hair with pink highlights and cut into choppy layers. My boyfriends mom is taking me to get my hair styled for prom but im not sure what to have done. I feel bad about her paying but still… So I want somethingg cheap but what can I get with this hair?
1. dont answer the question if you have useless information you will jst get a thumbs down from me and you will loose the points you get for answering it.

2. I explained my hair to you

3. I dont like to use the word "emo" let alone im not insulting anyone but how else would you explain the hair? its like the scene queens. I didnt name them dont get all pissy with me. I like their hair so I did it no different then someone who likes an actress hair and copied that dont get all pissy with me i didnt name it thats just what its called for lack of a better name.

I have a wedding coming up. I have natural curly hair. Any suggestions as what to do with it for my wedding?

I have natural curly hair. But i dont know what to do with my hair for my wedding. Any suggestions. Pictures with it would be great that way i can look at your suggestions. Please help

Will pick best awnser.
Its is my wedding and i would say that my hair is about mid back in length.
I have a picture of something that i like but i dont know how to get it on here to show you all. Help

Where can I find great updo hair styles for a wedding?

I am ATTENDING a wedding tomorrow night. I have straight, slightly below the shoulder length reddish hair. My bangs are longer, but not fully grown out. I am looking for something that I can do that will be up, out of the way, but includes curls, as my husband loves them. Any ideas or websites to check out?
I want to do the style myself, as I don’t want to pay a fortune for this.

What type of make-up and hair for my wedding day?

I have an oval face…high cheek bones.
i have long blonde hair and auburn-brown eyes.
i want to look beautiful without looking overdone or a cakeface!

also, for my previous wedding, i had my hair in an up-do, but it made my face look really chubby, and i was only 125lbs so i dont want another up-do. i want my hair to be down, but im not sure what to do with it?

any suggestions?

Photos of a great hairstyle for pale-skinned, THICK dark-haired person? :)?

I have very thick curly dark-brown/black hair – about mid-back length when straightened – and very fair skin. I don’t want to dye my hair, but I’d like a new hairstyle that’s about shoulder length or a bit higher. 🙂 I also have bangs that I’m trying to grow out – does anyone have pictures of nice hair styles that I may be able to get?

Are there any tricks that my hairstylist can use to make my hair bump for prom when it the bump doesn’t stay?

I love that bump thats in. But that bump doesn’t stay in for long in my hair for very long. (it deflates T_T)

My parents won’t let me buy those things that make the bump stay. Are there any tricks my hairstylist can use so it stays in my hair all night long at prom?

Does anyone have photos of Hayley Williams shorter hairstyles?

Like it says, I want photos of Hayley Williams shorter haircuts, but not with the completely straight short bangs. The length like just bellow the shoulders as longest, and side-bangs.

Color doesnt really matter. Thanks on advance!
Of the four pictures number 1 and 2 were too long on the length. The others could do. But I guess that leaves more specific guidelines.