NEW HAIRSTYLE (10 points for best answer) PHOTOS?

Hi, This is me,…
I was wounderin if you could tell me any new hairstyles i could do because im tired of my old one. i have brown medium hair with highlights and bangs.……
sorry the pics wont work

Where can I find photos of wedding day hairstyles (with veils ON)?

I can’t seem to find any bridal hairstyle pictures anywhere with the models wearing a wedding veil. I’d like to get an updo for my wedding, but would like to see what the different styles look like with the veil on. Anybody have a link to a great site or a suggestion for where else to look?

Websites to download free cute hairstyles for Sims 2.?

I have been searching through websites to find very cute hairstyles for The sims 2 on PC. But all of the websites i go to don’t have the colors i want. I just want Classic colors like blond, brunette, black, and red but all the hairstyles i find are like Blue and purple and green. I cant find any that i like. Do u know any websites that have what i am looking for??? Thanks!

Wedding hair?

Was going to have a hairstylist do it, but decided too much of a hassle and too expensive, my mom is pretty good with hair.
so she decided to order two of these
one will be where it is in the photo and the other will be above it so it looks longer, they are clipped in and very sturdy clips…
Has anyone done this?
trust me, its anything but plain, considering the way i normally wear my hair….
to answer the question, what if i get it and don’t like it? well i’ve got plenty of time….it will be her by xmas eve and we’ll try it..if i don’t like we’ll send it back lol…

I don’t want anything to extravagent for those who said it was boring lol….my dress is a victorian looking dres…the hairstyle works with it 🙂

i was asking if anyone had done this, (thank you to those who answered that question)
not "what do you think"

is this a good hair style for my sister's wedding?

i am going to be the Maid of honor at my sis’s wedding next saturday and i need opinions on this hair style~
scroll to number 18
and if not number 18, what other numbers do you think i should try?
thanks very much for your help!
Thank you guys sooo much!
Thank you guys sooo much!
im a black gurl, but i have naturally long hair…ooo hope i can pull it off! lol

REPOST: In YOUR opinion, what hairstyle/cut should I try next? (PHOTOS INCLUDED)?

(Yes, I posted this same thing earlier. I read over it and realized I needed to edit some things.)

First of all, let me say that I’m not unhappy with my hair. I just tend to get bored from time to time. I’ve tried a lot of things. Since I’ve been 18 (I’m 23 now), I’ve had short hair (it was like Mandy Moore’s when she first got hers cut) and I’ve also had hair almost to my butt.

Although you may not be able to tell, my hair is pretty thick. I keep it layered and thinned down a lot.
It also grows CRAZY fast and so if I try a new cut or style, it tends to grow out and change quickly.

All of these photos below are photos of my hair in the past two years. Although they may appear a little different, the cuts are about the same. I just have it styled or parted differently.

Anyway, I thought I’d ask some complete strangers what they thought would work on me?
Chin-length bob?
Longer with no bangs?

I’m not looking to change the color right now, just the cut or style.
Also, my natural texture is a little wavy, but still relatively straight. I don’t have to straighten it or anything to get it how I want it.

Some of these are a bit older, but the layering in the haircuts is basically the same. The length and bangs/fringe do tend to vary.

(other photos in my profile and 360 page)

I really want a new hairstyle/cut/color. Help? (Photos inside)?

(My hair is a little bit longer, it was cut off in the picture.)

Can anyone recommend something great for me? I want a new look. Maybe something edgy? But I do NOT want a BOB lol. I’ve had it before and it did not flatter me at all. Also…should I keep my hair color black?

Including pictures would be so helpful.

What's this hairstyle called and how do I style it like this? (Look at the photos provided)?

Photo 1: Back×298/LukeMcAlister_599130.jpg

Photo 2: Side$plit/C_71_article_1027661_image_list_image_list_item_0_image.jpg

Photo 3: Front

(A) What’s the hairstyle called?
(B) How do I style it?

My hair in the front of my head (my fringe) won’t slant back, it stays up like this:

….. Whereas I want my fringe to slant back like this:$plit/C_71_article_1025193_image_list_image_list_item_0_image.jpg

So what’s the name of the hairstyle, how do I style it and how do I get my fringe to "slant" back like the guy (Luke McAlister)’s fringe does?
Ok i got the spiking in the middle part… but I want to know specifically how to make my fringe have that combed back effect… Should I comb it to a side?

Prom Hair?

okay my prom dress is long and black sparkly, and skintight to my hips, and flowy not poofy after that. It has a ruffle down one side, and is a spaghetti strap halter top.

I have really long dark brown hair, and i really want to show off how long my hair is, but i don’t want to curl it.

What are some hairstyles that i could do, pictures please?
I was thinking along the lines of half up half down?
Thanks! If you need more info just let me know.

New hairstyle ideas or tips? Photos included, what should I do with my locks?

I had layers for a while now, with these push-over side bangs. I need to cut my hair again, but I want to try something different. My prom is in two weeks, so I don’t wanna look too crazy – but I’m trying to manage. Should I get bangs? I was toying with the idea but I’m petrified.

Here’s my current hair style

Thanks ^.^