Is it possible to have this style if I have stick-straight hair?

I have really stick straight hair that gets a little wavy when wet. Right now it is just past my collarbone. Is it possible to get this style, and shape it with a blowdryer maybe so that it will curve toward my face, like in this pic? ( this style is called a bob by the way).
hey Papi,

yeah, I actually meant that I wanted to have it cut to the length that is in the picture. my bad, i shoulda been clear about that.

What face shape would this hairstyle suit.. and how would it be maintained?

I have a sort of cross between a diamond/round face shape. It’s not oval. Would this cut look good/okay on me?

Also I’m wondering how you would maintain this kind of cut. I have pretty straight hair, but it’s thick and it takes shape easily. Would I need mousse? A perm? Would the layers make it flip out like that itself?

How should I do my hair for prom?

Prom is next saturday and the only thing I’m not ready for is my hair. My dress is dark blue and has straps and I have medium hair that touches my shoulders. I can’t go to a hairdresser because I don’t have any money left so I have to do it myself. I tried looking online but all the places I looked are not what I’m looking for. Any suggestions, people?

Where is a good place to get free sims 3 hairstyles?

also wondering where to find a long ponytail hairstyle for sims 3
I have tried and they only have a few good hairstyles for free and anymore places where you don’t have to do zip files. Also I’m looking for something of a long braided ponytail and I saw it on a person’s sim on the exchange.

Could you please help me find a cute hair cut?

have shoulder length hair, and it’s kinda brownish blondish. I have kinda medium texture hair (its not like super thick but its not thin. My hair is wavyish. I love layers and sidebangs and everything. I’m willing to take like 10 minutes 2 do my hair everyday. I have a good straightner. I also have a blowdryer and a curling iron. I like side bangs too. I really like celebrity hair also. I want my hair to look decent when I dont do anything to it also though. Thanks so much for everybodies answers and a link would be helpful. Oh and if you need any more info please feel free to email me!! Thanks.

How should I do my hair for prom?

I have curly hair a few inches past my shoulders. Prom is in mid-May, so I don’t think I can just wear my hair down without it being too hair sprayed (because otherwise it will get frizzy). Any ideas of how I should do my hair? My dress is peach with crystals across the chest and is one strap. By the way, I would prefer not to have a bun or ponytail on the side because it would look weird in different camera angles for pictures. Thanks for the help!

Should I get hair extensions for our wedding?

We’re getting married in June. My hair is about to my bra strap and I want it to be about mid to low back by the wedding. It would have been but my sister cut too much off when she trimmed it last. Should I just be happy with what I have or get extensions? I know he will be happy either way. Should I just wait till closer to the day and see how things are? I don’t know!

How Do I Achieve This Hair Style?

How do I get this ponytail hair style exactly? When I attempt, it does not stay secure or up high enough. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
After clicking on the pic, go two pictures back to the pick titled "Come and Get It". That’s the picture I meant to come up.

What is a good hairstyle for guys?

I’m 18 and my hair is really boring. Currently, my hair is medium length not too short but not too long either, so I can go either way, either cut it or grow it some more. But I need hairstyle ideas, so if you guys have any, I’d appreciate it. Also if you got some photos post a link as well.
What if I wanted to have short hair, because it’s the summer and it’s so hot. You guys have any ideas for short hair that will look good?

Are you supposed to tip for your wedding hair or makeup trial?

I understand tipping for the wedding day but what about for your trial?
To the annoying people that are asking me WHY WOULDN’T I TIP? Just to let you know, I ALWAYS tip my hairdresser, more than most people would. I’ve NEVER been married before and have NEVER had a trial makeup application so I wasn’t sure if you are supposed to tip for that. Thanks for the answers. Sorry I asked.

Having trouble finding a photo of a hairstyle I want. Please help?

Alright, I have naturally curly hair, about mid-length, long layers. I’m wanting to try the side swept bangs, but I can’t find a good photo of it. My hair appointment is for Thursday, Chuck is pretty trendy, but pictures are always nice to have.
Any pictures you can find are greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
Yes! Thank you sssoooo much. I didn’t even think of google. Yahoo image search image kind of sucks. Thank you again!

Help! Does anyone know of a good reasonable priced wedding makeup and hair artists in the Philippines?

I am getting married on the 14th of February in Puerto Gallera, Philippines and my makep/hair artist just cancelled on me!! I cant believe it…I am so beggining to stress out!!

I am also Australian so have western skin tones and blonde hair so I need someone who has done western colouring before. Also on a tight wedding budget so need to be reasonable priced aswell

thanks x

Male celebrity haircut for thick hair?

I have really thick hair, and more hair then an average (22-year-old) male. This should to be a good thing, but I think its a curse. I can’t find a good looking haircut that works with my hair. I use super strong Got2B gel. I have dark, wavy hair.

Can anybody give me some names of celebrities with my kind of hair that I can use as an example? Pictures, tips etc. are also welcome. Thanks.

How do I do this hair style in Hilary Duffs music video come clean?

^^^^^^Picture of the hair style

Now how do I do it?
Okay the reason I ask on how to do it MYSELF is so I wont have to pay to go somewhere for someone to do it! So just give me directions on how to do the hair style

which hairstyle do you prefer [with photos]?

just wondering which you liked better

straight hair:


or is it better curly?


I’m sorry they are’nt very good pictures,
but please no comments saying that I am ugly
because I already know I am
thankyou xoxoxox
its naturally curly like it is in pic 3
but when i brush it a bit
and put it in a pony
it goes kinda bushy
like number 4