College student to do wedding hair?

Do you think that it would be a good option to have a student in beauty school do my hair and bridesmaids hair for my wedding? It would help her to recomend her if she is good, and would it be a good price for me and be worth it? Does anyone know someone in Arizona, Surprise who could probably do that for me, and do some practice shots before the wedding??
I would really appreciate your imput.

Thank you, God bless

Will this Alice Cullen-like hairstyle work on me? Any answers appreciated! Photos included!?

Could I cut my hair like Alice Cullen’s, and still look good?
I have long, thick, wavy hair and while I love the length, it’s super hard to maintain. I play sports and am busy with school things besides that, so I don’t have the time to primp and style long hair. My hair, at it’s current length, takes an hour and a half to style. I love Alice’s style, and I know how to maintain the feathered, styled look. I know it’s a fairly high maintenance look, but I figure that if my hair is that short, I’ll have the time. The question is, can I pull it off if I style it right and thin my hair out some? Any answers appreciated.

My hair:

Alice’s hair:
Victoria, if it’s such a big issue to you that I reposted something, then don’t freaking read it again. Why waste your time telling me not to repost it when you can just easily ignore it? It’s stupid and rude. Excuse me for wanting more than one opinion on making a drastic hair change. I didn’t know asking a question more than once was a federal crime.

What would be the best hair style for me? (details inside)?

Okay so awhile ago I got a perm a few times for a yr or 2. && it still grows back curly lol which is ok.

My hair is currently too long. its perfect for putting up but takes too long to straighten.

i want a short but cute hair style. NOT TOO short though I dont wanna look like a boy.

tht’d be horrible.

if you could would you post some gallery links or advice?

What do you think I should put in my hair for my wedding?

I am getting married on the beach and do not want a veil. I thought about maybe a flower, but I want to incorporate my wedding color somehow. My color is bright green. I would look weird with a bright green flower in my hair so how can I do this? I just want a little pop of color. Thanks for the help! Pictures would be great. I don’t know how I am going to wear it yet. That will depend on the hair accessory I choose. Thanks!

if i want a specific hairstyle, can i bring in a photo to show the hairdresser?

i dont get haircuts very often so i dont really know how the whole thing works.

but i want a specific hairstyle for a change and would it be okay if i brough in a photo of what i want my hair to look like so the hairdresser can copy it?

would it be weird if i did?
do you guys bring photos in?

thanks 🙂

Cute, easy way to pull my hair back for a wedding?

I have brown hair that is a bit longer than my shoulders. I am looking for a cute, simple way to be able to pull it back for a wedding I have next weekend. It has to be something that is easy enough for me to do by myself and I don’t want it to look too "done". It’s just that my hair off my shoulders will look better with my dress.

Should I die my hair to Ashley Tisdale's colour?

This is my hair colour right now,r:6,s:0&tx=28&ty=37

should i dye it this colour?

I have blue eyes and fair skin and I’m just wondering if it would look okay or if i should just get blonde highlights to be safe
I’ve wanted to dye it brown for a while and I’m tired of having blonde hair…it’s just I’ve never dyed it before
Or maybe this colour since its lighter?,r:5,s:0&tx=62&ty=118

What should I do with my hair for prom?

Okay. So I need a hairstyle for prom… and I don’t know what I should do. I have a little longer than shoulder length brown curly (and frizzy most times) hair, and it’s very very thick. I don’t know what exactly would look best, so any tips would be appreciated so much!

And of course, pictures would be extremely helpful too.

Thank you all so much!

I have prom this weekend and I had a question about hair and deep conditioning?

I am doing an olive oil recipe mask for my hair that I read online and I am planning on doing it the night before because I don’t want my hair to be oily for prom
night. Will my hair still be soft the next day or should I do it the day of instead? Also does anyone have any at home deep conditioning recipes? Thanks so much!!

Prom hair help and good dress ideas plz?

Ok so prom is just around the corner for my high school, i have not yet found a dress yet. I am like 5’6" have long red hair, brown eyes, and really fair skin, i am looking for a long green dress. With a prize range of around 50 to 125 dollars. And i want a cool hair do. So plz if you know of any awesome websites that have cool hair dos, and pretty dress. it well be verry helpful thanks so much:)

How Should I do My Hair For This Wedding?

I am going to a wedding tomorrow and I am wearing a really cute black and pink dress. I have pretty short hair and I am looking for some new ideas. I can do a lot with my hair, I have just run out of ideas. Here is what it looks like

so any ideas would be awesome! Also makeup fun too. I have SO much makeup so I wanna play!

Prom Hair?????

I need a really good site for prom hair. It’s my senior prom and everything has to be perfect. I am tired of looking at the same ole’ sites every single year for the past four. If anyone has any good ones that would great if you could share!!! I’m desperate.
ok seriously i need alot of pics to look at i’m not even kidding

How can I get my hair like this (picture in description)?

I’ve wanted to do this for a reallyyyyy long time and I have no idea how! please help!
Here it is! :,r:3,s:0

Hairstyle ideas??? Can't find any photos online!?

I have quite fine and very soft hair (there’s loads of it though) that comes about two inches past my collarbone and it has quite a few layers (I used to have a pixie cut and grew it out.)
It needs a cut because I haven’t in about 3 months (I’m growing it) and I can’t find ANY pcitures to base it on!
I want layers so it looks a bit less ‘flat’ against my head if you get my meaning. I also grew out my fringe to the side not long ago and haven’t had it shaped in yet so it’s just a big chunk of hair going across to the side.
I’ve got an oval face shape and I’m growing my hair- bearing this in mind can anyone help me find some pics to use at the hairdresser? I really want a style that’s easy, pretty and still goes into a ponytail!