what color hair extensions should i get?

im 18 and i have very long curly brown hair… kind of like the hair in this pic. same color, a bit more curly on the bottom:


i have hazel eyes…

what color hair extensions do you think i should buy from hot topic?
sorry i should have specified.. i want colored hair extensions. odd colors like red or green, i just dont know which would be coolest with my color hair

Prom hair help and good dress ideas plz?

Ok so prom is just around the corner for my high school, i have not yet found a dress yet. I am like 5’6" have long red hair, brown eyes, and really fair skin, i am looking for a long green dress. With a prize range of around 50 to 125 dollars. And i want a cool hair do. So plz if you know of any awesome websites that have cool hair dos, and pretty dress. it well be verry helpful thanks so much:)

What should my hair look like on my wedding day?

I have an oval face and dark brown hair. I am tall (to the point I had to add length to my gown) and have a strapless champagne slight pick-up dress. I wanted my hair to be ‘braided’ like in a celtic old fashion way but the hairstylist couldn’t do what I wanted. I don’t want the typical wedding poof and curls, but have a tiara like headband and veil. I basically want something beautiful but different and all up to show off my necklace. Any suggestions?

How should I do my hair for prom?

Ok. So prom is this weekend..I wanted to do a half updo with my hair. I have really long thick hair and my boyfriend really likes when it is down…thats why i think I want the half updo. I just dont know how to do it. I know i want it to have curls but thats about it. But then sometimes i think it would be easier just to do an updo…what do you think?
I also wanted to try and work in tiny loose braids

How should I wear my hair for prom?

So just like every other girl I don’t know what to do with my hair for prom. I have long hair (goes to my lower back) and it’s light brown and curly. I wore it in a side pony last year, so that’s out. My dress is a halter top, floor length, and patterned with purples, greens and rose colors. I’m paranoid about leaving it down (getting too hot) but am open to it. Please help

Please help me find a hairstyle! (pictures)?

I have always had horrible hairstyles. Every time I get it cut, I like my hair for about a week, then it grows out, and I end up putting it in a ponytail every day.

My hair is currently half-permed curly (so, in other words, really gross!), since it’s grown out a lot and I haven’t had it cut yet. I don’t know if I want to straighten it and grow it out or just cut it all off into a short style (my bangs are straight, they were never permed to curl).

I like this hairstyle: https://www.rasysa.com/m/2007_keratine/vol34.html
But I’m afraid that my face would end up looking weird with long hair.

I also like this style: https://home.rasysa.com/pesco-pesca/style/image/29283_11.jpg
But I’m afraid that I’d look too masculine with short hair!

Please, opinions would be great, and feel free to look at other hairstyles, too, if you think I’d be awful with either of those.

My photos:

How should I do my hair and makeup for a wedding?

Im going to be attending a wedding, its an evening wedding and i have a black dress

i have long hair so im just thinking about keeping it straight…or if i should curl it with a curling iron
and for makeup im just thinking about wearing black eyeliner and mascara with neutral lips

any tips?

How should i do my hair for prom?

Its my first prom and my dates too.
My dress is strapless and hot pink with rhinestones all over it.
i want to have an updo thats really cute.
my face is diamond shaped i have bangs i dont care if theyre up or down. But my hair is short/medium the back is shorter than the front and i have to pin it to keep it up. the front is longer about off the shouldr length?
PICs ideas please?

What celebrity has hair like this?

Okay so I am getting my hair cut soon and my hair is kind of plain and I want to get lonnnnnng layers. I part my bangs really far on the right and I was wondering if their was any celebrity or someone with hair like that so I could bring a picture in. Best answer- whoever puts a link to a celebrity or some random person with hair like this. It would help me a lot because I have looked everywhere and cant find any hair I like. I also bought one of those hair magazines and didn’t find anything their either 🙁 so pleassse help! thanks!
*the link didn’t work :/