How should I have my hair done for prom?

I have bangs that are below my eyebrows and can’t be side swept. Unfortunately all the pics I find for proms hairstyles with bangs are side swept. I want something that looks nice, but not super fancy, and I want my bangs down. The only pics i’v found so far that come close to matching that is some with hair down and curled. If any one knows some other styles or has pics pls tell me, proms tomorrow! XD Thx!

What is the amount of time needed for a hair stylist on the day of your wedding?

I was wondering what is the amount of time needed for a hair stylist on the day of your wedding? My stylist will be doing hair and make up the day of the wedding for myself and 4 other woman. We will have two stylist. Can you please tell me the amount of time that is needed for them before the wedding ceremony at 11am? Thanks so much.

Wedding hair opinions please?

I’m having a beach wedding. I found a simple half-up do that I really like. I’d like to wear a flower on one side (kinda behind my ear) and possibly some small flowers in the back where my hair is pulled back. What kind of flowers should I get? Real ones? The kind from a craft store? The kind that they sell in the wedding aisle of craft stores? And do you think I should stick with white (my dress is white) or go with a little color? Thanks!

Opinions on this hair style…?

Okay, looking to change my hair a bit and thought i’d get opinions on this hair style..

I am absolutely in love with it.. problem? I have no clue how to explain it to the hairstylist I want, and the pictures aren’t the greatest.. But i’ve had no luck finding any hairstyles similar…
It’s an okay picture… just would kinda like to find more examples of the hairstyle, or ones similar to it so I can have the best chance and getting mine like it haha….

how long do you think prom hair will last for?

my mum booked an appointment for me at the hairdresser’s to get my hair done for my ball, but it’s at 1pm, and the ball doesn’t start till 7pm or later. do you think that if i have my hair done at 1pm (the appointment starts at 1, and finishes at 2pm), that it will last?
i know i’m going to have my hair up for the ball, but i want it curled too.

Long dark hair with front bangs, I need photos of this hairstyle?

Hey, I’m going to go get my hair cut soon and I would like to get a front bang but I don’t want it just completely straight like this :×357/slideshow-hairstyle2_476x357.jpg&imgrefurl=

But I want something similar to this layer type bang:,r:1,s:0&tx=40&ty=105

Pictures of Cute 2009 Hair cuts?

what is some cute hair cuts that is in for 2009, for medium length hair nothing short, if anyone has any pictures of hair please give the link, just regular girls,every time I bring in pictures of celebrity’s the hair stylist always say well they have hair extensions and she cant do it blah blah blah and iv already looked at photobucket


Going to a wedding tomorrow – tips for my hair?

I was planning on curling my hair with a big curling iron, I did it a couple days ago to make sure I liked it but without any products it won’t stay very long. What products do you recommend? I’m going to help the bride with things at around 10am and the wedding isn’t until 5pm. So I need this to last all day.

Any suggestions will help!! 🙂

Prom hair. Should I wash my hair the night before?

I have my prom tomorrow. For my hair I am not doing an updo, rather I want my hair down and straight, but pinned at the back.

I know for updo’s, you generally wash your hair the night before. Is this the same for straightening it? Or will they wash and blow dry tomorrow?

I figure there’s no point in washing it tonight, if they’re just going to wash it tomorrow morning…


Do I have to invite the person who is doing my hair for my wedding to the event itself?

I am maxed out on my wedding budget as it is. It is very small about 50 people. My hair dresser who I have been going to for about 5 years is driving approx. 50 miles to do my hair for the ceremony/ reception. I am paying her and giving her extra for driving but I am wondering if I am also obligated to send her an invite to the ceremony/reception as well? I have to pay for some vendors to eat there but they are doing things during the reception- DJ, Photographer etc. Is it acceptable to just pay her and say thanks!-bye!???

How do I describe this hair cut and style to a hairdresser?

I’m going to make a hair appointment and I’m taking this photo, but I don’t know how to describe the cut or style. The last time I asked for this cut I ended up with thick heavy ends and I hated it. What "hairdresser" words describe the ends and bangs? Thanks!

What is the best "korean hairstyle for a female with oval face?

I am very much interested in having a new haircut but I am having difficulty looking for a picture from which the stylist can copy. Can anyone recommend a site with a photo gallery of female korean hairsyles for long or medium length hair? Most of the korean women have side swept bangs, do you think this will be okay on an oval face?