How can I get Katherine Heigl's hair for my wedding?

I want this hairstyle

But this picture doesn’t show the style from all the way around. Where can I find photos of this hairstyle (or one exactly like it) from several angles, so I can show my hair stylist. Or does anyone know of a site that can give instructions for how to create this style?
Very helpful photos!

Does anyone know of a stylist in Indianapolis who works with chemically treated black hair that could pull something like this off

Help with hair! Opinions please!?

okay so my hair is just past my shoulder right now.. i have a really long face and its skinny.. i’m pretty short… i’m 5"1 and between 85-92 lbs.. do you think hair to my mid breast would look okay?? (I’m 14) something like this:,r:3,s:0



please alot of detail will get you best answer! or if you add pictures of other long hair

how should I wear my hair for my wedding?

i’m not sure how to wear my hair. I have side bangs and my hair is naturally curly but will easily straighten. This is my dress:

I don’t want to wear it all the way down because my ceremony is outdoors and my hair is frizzy. Any suggestions? April 10 wedding.

How do I make my hair like this [picture]?

I love this girl, I think her name is Lauren, anyway I love her hair.

I have curly hair already, so you can skip that step, but I’d really love it if you could tell me how she did it, thanks!

How should I wear my hair to my BF's brother's wedding?

They just told us yesterday and the wedding is this saturday, and my week is super busy so I have no time to go to the salon. I’ve been working at growing out my hair, and haven’t colored or had highlights or anything for months. It’s boring light brown and reaches just below my shoulder blades. What can I do with it that is interesting & cute (pretty, but doesn’t look like I tried too hard? Also, my hair is naturally frizzy and hard to straighten, but also doesn’t curl well. Help!

What should I do my hair for the wedding on Saturday?

Like usually for parties I put a bump it in my hair and curl it. But I want it extra special this time. Also I will be wearing a short dress that is white with green ribbon on it to help what hair style to go with it. BTW my hair is long and to my belly button
i want a different hairstyle. my hair is naturally striaght. i always put a bump it in my hair and curl it. i want my hair to be extra special. also it isnt my wedding lolz just to tell u

I have long and frizzy hair and I really want to cut it short, should I?

I’ve lived with this monster on my head for too long now, and i’m too lazy to fix it every day since it’s so long, so I just throw it in a ponytail and go about my day. My hair is frizzy and horrible, I want to cut it so bad. I hear from most people that I shouldn’t cut my hair because it will get worse, but couldn’t I just flat-iron my hair more regularly now? Since my hair would be shorter, it would put less of a strain on me to flat iron it every day.

Could I get a hair cut like this?


would this makeup look good on me with this dress and hairstyle?PICTURES AND LINKS!?

this is the dress

This is me:
(the 1st picture is the most make up that i wear on a daily bases)

This is the hair i was thinking about.

and this is the makeup look:

What color eye shadow?
Do you like it? if not what do you think i should do?

Where do I get flowers for my hair on my wedding day?

I don’t want real flowers, have a feeling it’ll cost a ton and my florist is already taking all of my money…lol. Where can I get fake orchids that look real enough to put in my hair? I thought of Michaels’ but they might be too large. Any ideas, websites, etc.?
Also, do I have to already have those flowers for my hair trial next week, or will just the veil be enough?

Emily R, I disagree. The well-made ones don’t look fake, and I think it would be much easier to prepare if I had a fake flower all ready, than have to worry about a real one wilting before I even get to the ceremony!

Should i dye my hair? If so which color? picture included!! (:?

okay so im going to get a hair but but should i die it blonde?

im going to get my hair but like this?

do you have any other hair styles that might look good
btw my style is abercrombie and hollister, pac sun, american egale etc.
soo i dont want anything too edge!!!

alrighty well thanks for help

love CARI <3(: (: (:

here is a picture of me

How do i style my short hair for a wedding?

i have short hair just below my chin. the bottom half is permed and the top is straight. i have no blow dryer cause it broke and i am broke…lol i am not very good at styling but i can give it a shot i have moose and a round brush straghtner curling iron waver and crimper but i am hair dumb plz help….!!!!

What haircut would look good on me?

I have long, thick, curly hair and an oval face shape. What haircut should I get? If you can describe refer to celebrity haircuts that would be great. I’m sick of my hair, its so annoying and always up because its way too frizzy and annoying. I’m looking to keep my hair longish, but I want to change up the style. Suggestions?