What is a good clip in hair extension for a half up half down wedding hairstyle? Looking for a one piece…?

looking for a one piece hair clip in extension to give me a little extra length for my wedding day. i have searched around and i know i would like to have a simple one piece wavy extension..anyone have any suggestions or real photos they’d like to share….thanks ladies:)

Long hair style or hairstyle app or website?

I need a new hairstyle that is pretty and long so that it can go in a ballet bun. My hair is blond and goes to my bottom. I wear brown rectangle glasses. No emo stuff. If know about a iPod touch app or really realistic website that uses photos that works too. If you know a style please put a picture of it.

How To Style Hair Like This? (Pic included)?

k so, i was wondeing how to style my hair like this : https://www.myemohairstyles.com/gallery/files/1/scene-hair-6.jpg
im getting this hair cut by my "personal hairstylest" who just does my hair at her house, and she alwys gets the haircuts in the pics exact, but then the day after that the styling goes down, so i was wondering how to style that hair cut? thanks tons. 🙂

How do i do this hairstyle?

i want to do this hairstyle. and my face structure is similar to angelina’s, and i want to try this out. How do i do it?

here is the picture:

Help Me With Hairstyle Advice? I'm a 15 year old boy with herb hair… (photos)?

So I’ve always had the same stupid hairstyle since 3rd grade right? I think its time to change it up but I’m clueless as to what to do with my hair =[. My REALLY big forehead his what made me not change it sooner so if anyone knows a hairstyle that would compliment my head/face that would be awesome! Thanks for the help!

A few photos of my head I just took with photo booth :


How to get this hairstyle without heat?

Does anyone know Shay Mitchell? She plays Emily Fields on the tv show Pretty Little Liars? Well I adore her hairstyle and wonder if I can get it overnight? or real fast in the morning? For those of you who don’t know her, heres a picture of the hair I want to achieve:

how would I style my hair this way?


how would I style my hair to look like the dude in the picture? the guy with the long bangs. things I need answered: how would i treat it? what product(s) would I need? wet or dry? and anything else i would need to know. my hair is already cut for this style by the way.

thank you!

Are there any photos/hairstyles like in these pictures?

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if someone could find an actual photo of a person with a hairstyle like or similar to these references I found ^-^
(This is based on the Girl’s Valentina hairstyle from Gaia Online, for any Gaia users)

– https://fav.me/d36ks7i

I’m assuming that it’s just an asymmetrical hairstyle with one end curled, but any advice would be cool.

Cute hair cuts for thin, fine hair?

I have very thin, very fine, stick straight hair. It has been long for quite a while, but I am just so sick of how stringy and limp it looks. I know there are products I can use to make it look fuller, but is there any certain CUT that could help make it look more voluminous? Do layers help or hurt? Does anyone have any pictures of celebrities who have cute, thin hair?