Is there a possibility where this hairstyle might end up like this if I go to a hair salon?

^I want this

^Not this.

So it this is a pretty easy hairstyle to do for a stylist? Is there anything else I need to say in order to get this at least almost alike? Please answer… lol.

My sister wan'ts me to dye my hair blond for her wedding but I have never colored my hair before?

I have not been blond for many years since before middle school. I really don’t want to start dying my hair now and it has become very dark over the years and I don’t want to keep up with the roots.

Is dying my hair not as big of a deal as I’m making it out to be? I will be in a lot of photos because I’m the maid of honor.

Wedding hairstyle suggestions for baby fine hair?

I have baby fine hair that is pretty much all one length – just past my shoulders. I have a widows’ peak. Any suggestions on how to wear my hair for my wedding day? My hair doesn’t hold a curl very well. I was thinking of maybe adding clip in hair extensions…would those damage my hair?

what is this hair style called and how do you do it?

I want to do my hair like this…so that is it not like curly, but is sorta wavy and goes to the side…
a lot of old actresses did it but I can’t find any good pictures

Photos of v shaped hairstyles from the back? i need photos please?

i have very long hair but i dont like when i get it cut the way they do it straight across i have asked them to do it in a v shape as i have seen so many people with it down like that and i really like it but they still do it straight across, does anyone have a picture of long hairstyles with the v shape at the back so i can show them the photo. please please help me.

How should I do my hair for my wedding?

I have medium length blonde hair… it’s right above the shoulder or just at it. It’s wavy but can easily go straight or curly… I’m looking to get it professionally done.. I also am wearing a veil and blusher… and possibly a tiara.. does anyone have any good ideas for how I might want to do it?..

Here are some pictures of me with my hair straight and curly so you can get a better idea of what I’m working with..:
Well I’m looking for an up-do style.. and the picture of me with curly there isn’t really a good pic honestly.. but you can see how it goes both ways…
oh yea.. and the curly hair pic my hair wasn’t 100% dry yet.. the curls do get softer and all once they dry. Thank you for all the answers so far! If anyone has any pictures of hair that they might think would be nice or that I could bring to the hairstylist if I liked feel free to post them!

I need help choosing a hairstyle for prom!?

I am thinking of something soft and romantic. I usually get a half-up half-down do, but I want to try something different. I have a couple of ideas, but I want to know what you think, and feel free to give any suggestions.

Here is my dress:

Hair ideas:

(For Females) Is this hairstyle attractive to you? Would it look good on me in your opinion?(pictures included

I was thinking about doing this but im not sure… i want to know how it is a because i don’t want to have a hairstyle, regret it and not be able to do too much about it because my hair grows slowly. i want to cut it because it s hard to take care of but want to know if its worth cutting.
Here are a few pictures of me with different hair styles, which one looks better?
Here’s what i want(something like this)

Here were my other hairstyles:

Where can I find pretty wedding hairstyle for really long hair?

My hair goes just below my butt, and I’m trying to search for a pretty wedding hairstyle for my hair, but all of the bridal sites, and most other sites, classify "long" hair as being mid-back, or shoulder length, not butt length.

I don’t have the money to go to a hairstylist, so I need to be able to do it myself, but I want to be able to do something that is different, and pretty.

Ideas, or websites?

Do you think Medium length bob haircuts look good on people with thin hair?

Hey ok so I might get my hair cut today and I was thinking maybe getting a bob hair cut…But i have thin hair do you think it will look good??

i kinda want my hair to look like this……….

My sister's highschool friend just did my hair for my sister's wedding. What should I pay her?

my sister’s highschool friend (25 yrs old) just did my hair for my sister’s wedding in my sisters home with all her supplies. She is also doing my make – up. I want to tip her something for her trouble but I don’t know what is customary since we aren’t in a salon with specific prices.

I’m the MOH, she did a kind of half up half down do to my thick shoulderlength hair.

How do I style my hair to look like Chace Crawford?

Hey guys, i’ve been growing my hair a bit longer recently and will get it cut pretty soon into hopefully something like Chace Crawford’s hair (,_Chace/gallery/SDW-000338/). Can anyone suggest any hair techniques or products i can get in England that will help me as i’m totally failing with styling my hair as it gets longer. Cheers

How would i describe this hairstyle to a hairdresser?

my hair is almost that length and i want to get it cut like that. does she have side bangs or what’s going on?i know i can bring in a pic but i did that once and the hairdresser did not give me the haircut i wanted so……….

How to do this hairstyle (guy)?

I’m a 16 yr old male and i’m trying to do this hairstyle but i doesn’t come out right. I have medium length hair but i can’t get it to look like the guy has it.


I have hair gel and hairspray in case I need to use that. Thanks in advance guys!

Any ideas on a new hairstyle?

I can’t be bothered to find and post a photo! but, my hair is just below my shoulders, layer, blondy-brown, layered, thick, falls heavily on my face (always falls into an awful middle part).

ANY suggestions on a new hairstyle?
I am just so fed up with it know, i want a change!
I just cant dye my hair bright pink…something normal!
And i have a heart shaped face! and i usually wear glasses!