How do I get this hairstyle?

I find it cute in an odd way… I probably wouldn’t wear my own hair like this too often, but if I ever decide to, how do I get this hairstyle?

-Products that would give my hair volume?
-Any specific curling irons?
-Stores that sell hair accessories like the one in the picture?

+My hair is about 4 inches below my shoulders, and it’s very thick, if that’s important.

How can I style my hair like this?

I had cut my hair over a year and a half ago to a bob-length style that hit just above my shoulder. I let it grow out a bit and by that upcoming summer it was just about at my collar bone. Now, my hair has grown about 5 inches since then. Is that fast hair growth? How can I help my hair grow another 5 inches by summer 2011? And also, how can I style my hair to look like this?,r:21,s:27&biw=1280&bih=591 Or is it not long enough yet?

I also have layers in my hair that are at they’re shortest at shoulder length. I Have natural wavy-curly hair too.

What do you guys think of this hairstyle?

What do you guys think of his hair? Personally I love it and want to get it that way. What do I say to the person who cuts my hair if I want it like that? My hair is completely long.
I dont have light skin like the guy in the pic. I’m darker skin but not too dark because I’m latino. Do you guys think this hairstyle will still work?

I need help with a hair style?

I want my hair to look like this, only with it being red. I only have a hair dryer and a 1 inch Ionika hair straightener.

This is the style I want:

This is my hair now:

I have tried tutorials but I just can’t seem to do it right. Any advice and suggestions are more than welcome and greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help and time.

How can i do this hairstyle? PLEASE HELP!?

winter break ends Tommarow for me,and i really wanna go back to school (freshman) with a new,2011 style. its sunday,& no hair salons open! its last minute, i know. i want my hair like the picture(see link below),but my hair is black colored. can anybody help? dont have to be pro,i just need the fastest/nicest way to complete the look! thanks. :]
i have already straightened my hair out.

Looking for a Toledo, Ohio hair and makeup artist for my wedding, any suggestions?

I am looking for a hair and makeup artist for my wedding day. I would perfer someone who would meet me on site, but that is not a big deal. If anyone has lived.. or has had their wedding in Toledo I would love to know who you used. I have searched online however I would rather be referred (knowing this way that they have done a good job in the past). Thanks!

Does anyone have any photos of a hairstyle that has…?

A bob, with long layers underneath? If anyone has seen the movie remake of The Karate Kid, then you’d know what I’m talking about. The Chinese teen in the movie has the hair cut, and she usually wears it in pig tails, or a pony tail.

Does anyone know either the right ‘term’ for this cut, or where I can find a photo of it?

What Hairstyle Would look Better On Me?

I have light skin, a heart shaped face, and natrually strawberry blonde hair. It is natrually straight and a little wavy. I have a cowlick on the right side of my head and I have side bangs. I have grey-blue eyes and light freckles. Oh, and it is down to the middle of my back.
*NOTE* I will not die my hair, and I won’t cut it past my shoulders. I REALLY like long hair.

Option 1:,r:1,s:0&biw=1003&bih=566

Option 2:,r:19,s:84&biw=1003&bih=566

Option 3:,r:9,s:362&biw=1003&bih=566

PLEASE pick one!! Thank You so much!
Copy and paste the links into your search box. (if they don’t work)

how do i get my hair like this?

i want the short bits of my hair at the front (kind of like fringe) to sweep to the side like these photos (jlo and khloe and kim kardashian)
how would i do this? i already have the short bits of hair, how would i straighten it and style it???
here are the photos:


how should i color my hair for my wedding day?

I love reds and i like how red hair looks on me sence i have green eyes but im getting married this month and my dress is white and Dark red. If i color my hair a brownish red would that clash with my dress? or should i go back to my natural hair color which is light brown with a little tent of red but you can only tell in the sun. we are having an outside wedding?

Yearbook Photo Hairstyle?

Okay, so I have to register on Thursday and at registration we get our i.d. pictures and our yearbook pictures taken.

What hairstyle would look good in these pictures?

If it helps, I have hair that’s like a couple of centimeters below my shoulder

It’s pretty straight. I need a pretty hairstyle that i casual but pretty

Please help! Thanks you so much in advance

School photos on friday and i dont know how to wear my hair ! help PLEASE?

ok so i need help with deciding on a hairstyle for my school photos 🙂 for my makeup i normally just wear clear mascara, tinted moisturizer, concealer and lipgloss 🙂 but i dunno how to wear my hair… its a dark blond colour and just past my shoulder with layers and a side fringe…. help!

ps. must be up ( i no lol it sucks)