Free Step By Step Hair Styling Tips?

does anyone know of a site that i can get step by step directions on styling your hair? any kind of style will do. id like to try to get directions for curling my hair. it would also need to be something i dont have to pay for including free trials that require your credit card. thanks for your help.

Do hair stylists hate or like this question?

For all hair cutters or stylists, would you like it if someone were to tell you to do whatever you wanted to their hair? Cutting-wise I mean.

I’m asking because I’d really like to get a stylist’s cut, not because I brought in a picture of a celebrity, but because I got a cut from someone who sees my facial shape and can recommend a good cut. I would honestly be down with just about anything.

How do you style my hair like this?

I want a new hair style, and I have seen many emo/scene/goth/whatever guys with these hair styles:
I like that style but I want to change it sort of, instead of it going to the side I want it going forward.. how do I make my hair like this and if it can stay pernamently like this without me having to do it every morning.

Help me find a wig for this hairstyle and color?

I am in a large 1 1/2 hour long play this weekend. The wig I was origonally using was destroyed in an unavoidable event.

So I need to order a wig online [I’d need express shipping, of course] to have it by this friday.

I need the wig to match this hairstyle:


I CAN style it, but the bangs and the length needs to be right, so it can be styled into that hair I pictured above.

The color is the most important part.

Now, I ask, does anyone know of a wig shop online that is AFFORDABLE [ I can’t spend more than on the wig itsself] that carries something I can work with to get the style I need?

How should I wear my hair with this wedding gown?

My hair is brown, long and wavy. I am wearing an elbow-length veil without a blusher. Here is a picture of the gown. It is style 5341, the second one from the left on the second row:
Here is a picture of the gown. It is strapless and mermaid shaped. I will not be wearing the jacket. It’s style 5341.

What makeup style / Hair colour would suit me ? (Pic)?

Sorry for the really crappy photo. At the moment i have black hair, and a nose piercing.
Heres the photo 🙂
I was wondering , what makeup style ( I usually do the gothic style) and hair colour would suit me ?
I’m wanting to go this colour . Sorry for the long link,r:20,s:0&tx=57&ty=69.

Would that suit ? What makeup style and hair colour would suit me 🙂
Btw, atm my hair is just before my shoulders.
My hair is naturally. Well , it varies from strawberry blonde – Brown with blonde in it. Not black

What do you think about this hairstyle? (Photo)?

Should I go for this cut?
So I would like to cut my hair very short but I am not sure if I can pull off short short hair. Also I wanna know what you girls think about the cut..
This is what I wanna do…

And this how I look right now…

Should I keep it longer or cut it off?
Or is the cut to military like?

How should I do my hair and make up for a wedding?

I’m going to a wedding in 2 weeks, I’m just a guessed their and I need some idea’s for my hair and make up. My dress is strapless and kinda be beachy, but it has dark colours like dark blue’s and green and a purpley pink with some white. Also my hair is blonde, and I have blue/ grey eyes. Any suggestions? On what I should make my hair and make up look like.

How to get this hairstyle?
Chloe Kings hairstyle
the blonde girls hair
i have butt length black hair that really does any kind of hairstyle that is without heat and if it dries like that when it drying out of the shower
my hair is really silky and smooth

Does anyone know of a good site for making crystal beaded hair combs for a wedding?

Making a special hair comb for best friends wedding in Las Vegas at MGM Grand the dress is exquisit want the hair piece to be awesome too I have beautiful crystal beads as well as lace and silk to make flowers maybe? in a site possible Video gouge Thanks ASAP Alexis

Is it "illegal" to style hair for free as a hobby?

I was mentioning to a friend on FaceBook that I have a friend who does my hair. She’s extremely good and she doesn’t have her hair license and she’s never been to school for it. She’s just naturally talented. She’s cut my hair, styled it for dances, and colored it with normal box hair dye from Walmart. My friend’s aunt read these comments and said that my friend (who does my hair) can’t do my hair because it’s illegal since she doesn’t have a license to do it. She said that if she ever tries to get her license she’ll have to pay a fine and will be banned from getting it if they find out that she does other people’s hair without a license. I thought it was the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. I understand that people spend their time and money to get their hair license to work in salons, etc. But my friend does it as a HOBBY. She does it for her close family and friends and she doesn’t charge anyone for it. She does it for free. She’s a teacher, in her late twenties, and for right now doesn’t want to get her hair license. She said in the future she would like to and open up her own salon, but for now, she is ok with teaching and doing hair on the side as a hobby.

My question is: is this illegal? Because if so, then every friend who has ever done my hair is going to jail. Lol. I mean, seriously? She’s not getting paid for it, she asks for nothing in return, she does this as a hobby. Maybe the other girl online doesn’t understand what I’m saying. This is what she just said, "The ‘hair police’ look for people practicing without a license in salons and online. You don’t need to say this persons name for them to get caught. All it takes is just a mention of someone you know practicing without a license and they will find them. It is protection for those of us who go to school and pay 20 grand to get licensed. By the way, she may have a gift but that doesn’t mean she understands what can go wrong with the products she is using. With any luck it’ll be you that she causes to go bald. Trying to save money? Id rather save my hair". (She mentioned the hair police because I made a joke about the hair police coming to take my friend to jail.)

Am I really ignorant or is this chick wrong? She’s obviously a hair stylist herself and went to school for it and I understand that. But I don’t think my friend did anything wrong.
Thank you guys! I thought she had no clue what she was saying. I would have apologized if I was wrong. But I was pretty sure she was mistaken. =D

What hair product should I use to style my hair like this…?,r:1,s:0&biw=1186&bih=634

Do you think this hairstyle would be a lot of maintenance?
Hello, it is the fifth image in the gallery.

I was wondering whether it would take a lot of maintenance as I have had the short, messy style for years and going for a change. I am kind of lazy when it comes to my hair, and I wouldn’t want to spend a great deal of time on my hair, so I was thinking would it mean I would have to buy loads of hair gel and spend quite a bit of time gelling it up to the style in the picture.

Answers much appreciated.

How to do my hair like this (pic) for a wedding?

Im going to a few weddings in the next couple of months and I knew what I wanted to do to my hair but I couldn’t describe it and I don’t know how to do it. its very big and the ends are kind of curly. The hair I am talking about is in the 5th picture the girl standing next to the bride.