Any ideas for how to do my hair for my wedding that's not gonna cost to much my hair is shoulder length?

any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Nā™„ says:

    it depends on the dress. If it has a really intricate, detailed neckline, I’d do a sophisticated updo. If not, you could have all your hair down but pulled back a bit from your face.
    If you are going to go for having your hair down, buy some extensions (they don’t have to be expensive) and curl your hair loosely.
    Here are some ideas šŸ™‚

  2. Nychole and Steven says:

    Most updos are priced by how much product is used to accomplish it. So, you’ll need to pick one without many bobby pins. It also depends on if you want to do it on your own, which I wouldn’t advise. If you decide on something traditional, try going to an older salon. They usually have better prices and they’ve been doing bridal styles the longest.

    But, it really depends on your face shape and such. It’s hard to give advice without actually seeing you and your hair. Thickness also makes a difference.

  3. Lady Wheaton says:

    It is hard to give suggestions without seeing your hair or dress. But I would suggest something soft, like a loose curl or maybe an updo or you could even wear a bun.

  4. Lori Beth says:

    It is not that difficult to do your own hair. Just do some research and practice. I did my own for all my formals AND my wedding. It’s mostly learning to tease (backcomb), and buying high quality bobby pins. The $7 bobby pins are worth every penny!!!

    Good luck!

  5. cjsmummy says:

    go to a salon (one that specilises in bridal hair is your best bet) and ask their opinion.most offer a consultation for free

    what style you will choose depends on the style on dress youre wearing,the length and thickness of your hair,whether its curly or not,are you wearing a tiara,where do you want your veil……there are lots of variables.the most common (and classic imo) are the chignon and bun,both of which probably wont cost too much to achieve

    the one thing i would recommend is to make sure you hair is in very good condition – so have regular cuts and deep conditioning treatments.the best wedding hair is hair that is shiny and looks full of life,no amount of product can mimic that

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