4 Responses to Anyone know any websites showing a gallery of male hair styles?

  1. guitarist_147 says:

    i found a cool interactive site that lets you upload your photo and you can click on different hair styles, what color you want the hair, whether you want highlights, etc. it’ll look like a girl site at first, but its for guys too. just click on virtual makeover, sign up (*theres a free version*), upload your picture, go up to the top of the page under hair and click hairstyle, click on male for guy hair, and just go from there. goodluck! heres the link: https://www.makeoversolutions.com/index.php?OVRAW=2007%20men%20hair%20styles&OVKEY=man%20hair%20style&OVMTC=advanced

  2. MyNameIsMofuga says:


    Only hair website you’ll ever need.

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