One Response to Anyone who has gone to a celebrity hair stylist or paid for a hair cut over $100 how long did it take for?

  1. nikki s says:

    i treated myself just before New Years in 2009 to one of the top salons in the state.
    It was nice but not something i would do again.
    It took about 2.5 hours from when i walked in to when i walked out.
    Nice head and neck massage was included. Had 2 really, really good cups of coffee with teeny shortbread cookies, but the stylist took absolutely NO NOTICE of the cut and style i had asked for, i even took in 2 pictures and she said they were lovely, but when she started cutting it was nothing like what i wanted and it looked horrendous on me.
    Sure it would have looked great on a Hollywood star or a pencil thin celebrity, but not a fat faced geriatric from the suburbs.
    She put so much product in it that my hair "clanged like a bell" when you touched it, then the whole style promptly fell out within 2 hours.
    It was a total and absolute waste of money, go to your own hairdresser at least they listen to what you really want and what suits you, not what Posh Spice, Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Aniston are doing with their hair at the moment. It took my hairdresser 5 cuts and many months of growing to get that awful asymmetrical bob out of my hair.

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