Are tiaras taboo when it comes to wedding hair??

I never thought brides who wore tiaras looked bad, I just assumed it was a popular item to have in your hair and I think it looks nice if they’re tasteful. I bought one for my wedding coming up in December….it’s nothing gaudy or big, just simple. But now I’m hearing that it is actually a tacky thing to wear?? What do you think?
Thanks…I do understand that it’s my day and I should wear what I like/want, etc., but at the same time I want to look timeless and not gaudy and look back and think "Oh my god what was I thinking"…..I’m very naive when it comes to wedding things in general.

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23 Responses to Are tiaras taboo when it comes to wedding hair??

  1. valschmal says:

    The only tiaras that are tacky are the ones that are so large and gaudy that look like pageant tiaras.

    Smaller, tasteful tiaras are still very popular!

  2. Cory C says:

    There are people who love them and those who don’t – you need to only listen to yourself and do what you want. No one else’s opinion really matters does it?

  3. Zachary'smommy says:

    it depends on the style of it. i had a very simple fresh water pearl and crystal one that was only 1 row. now if you have one that sticks up like miss america, then yes, it would be tacky.

  4. Lydia says:

    No, of course not. I never even thought of a tiara, til I tried a small, beautiful one on with an attached veil, and it matched my dress and looked great with my hair as well.
    I think when most people think of a tiara, they think of a huge princess tiara, or the kind they wear in beauty pageants…

  5. migrainegirl1 says:

    It’s your wedding day! Wear what you want, what you like. Don’t start your marriage listening to what others think you should do. I’m sure you’ll be beautiful! Congratulations!

  6. melouofs says:

    I think they’re wonderful, personally. I tried them on with my wedding gown, and I loved the effect, but I didn’t think it was appropriate for my venue (the beach), so I opted for something else…

  7. Peachy Keen, Jelly Bean says:

    Actually, tiaras are becoming more and more popular. Everyone has their own opinions about them, of course, but I don’t see anything wrong with wearing one. I can see where people would think they’re tacky if its something too big for a queen! Less is more, I always say!

    Good luck!

  8. SuMmEr says:

    It’s not like you are Ferige wearing it with your jeans and tee shirt. Most of the tiarras I have seen brides wear are simple and look great.

  9. Kim says:

    I got one too…I think it looks beautiful. I am going to wear mine regardless of what I hear. But I do understand your concern that so many people say it is tacky, including T.V and magazines. However, I have yet to attend a wedding where the bride does not have one on. If you bought it and wanted to wear it and it is a simple tiara, go ahead and wear it. I’m sure it will only compliment your dress and veil (if you have one). Congratulations….and you will look great no matter what you choose to do!

  10. Elaine L says:

    Tiaras for brides look great! It adds a little sparkle to your hair and can looks so beautiful. Personally, I feel that if it fits your theme and dress, go for it.
    But if you’re having this much doubt, maybe you should return it? You don’t want to have any doubts on the day, you want to be happy and be worry free. There are other things that you can go for that have the same effect as a tiara. They now have headbands that will double as a necklace so you can give it future use. It will add the same amount of sparkle to your hair.
    Just do something that you will be happy and confortable with. Don’t listen to anyone else but yourself on this matter. Good luck!!

  11. playbbebe26 says:

    more than 52% of my brides wear tiaras because they want and deserve to be a princess on there day. I wore a tiara on my wedding and thank god i did with the heat almost ruined my hair but the tiara kept the shape.

  12. Lacey H says:

    I don’t think its tacky at all.
    I think there are always things in a wedding that we brides look back on and cringe or laugh at and go "what was I thinking??" Thats also part of the fun of looking back.

    I wouldn’t worry about the future right now. If your tiara looks good with your dress and jewelry and makes the whole getup complete, then wear it. If its too much, pair down on the jewelry. A girl can always wear jewelry, she can’t always wear a tiara!

  13. lisadaisy165 says:

    Yes, they were in but no going out. But, you can do whatever you want on your day. I actually bought on too for my wedding in September but I am not wearing it since it does not work with my hair style.

  14. ERK says:

    This is purely a matter of personal taste. Many brides wear tiaras. As with any fashion accessory, though, make sure it is in the same style as the rest of your outfit (you wouldn’t wear a huge tiara with a simple dress…). Personally, I think small, dignified tiaras are lovely–and when else can you get away with wearing one but on your wedding day?

  15. myavatar says:

    Are you thinking its out of style because they said so in that TV show "20 Wedding Do’s and Don’ts". They also said to buy a tux, not rent, and I can tell you that’s not going to happen either.

    If you look at bridal magazines, alot of them do where tiaras, and it does look tasteful. If they were THAT out of style, it wouldn’t be in the magazines still.

    How many times in your life can you wear a tiara and a veil? Go for it.

  16. Tasteful Treasures by Liz says:

    Tiaras are gorgeous when done tastefully! Don’t listen to the naysayers, it is your day and you deserve to be a princess! As a wedding planner, I have had MANY brides wear tiaras and they looked gorgeous. Do what you want, it is your wedding, and those who want to be negative are just jealous of your happienss! Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy Wedding!

  17. psstoffagain says:

    Honey I watched the same tv shows that said they are tacky, but they are talking about people who wear them to red carpet events, or who just wear them because…
    It isnt tacky for a bride and I dont recall ever hearing that it was.
    Wear yours with pride, knowing that you look exquisite on your wedding day.

  18. Dj says:

    I wore one myself, and don’t regret it at all. Mine was very simple and elegant. As long as you’re not going too blingy and flashy, I think it would be beautiful.
    It’s all about what you want.
    In fact, I’d agree that your wedding day is the one day it’s *not* tacky!

  19. corinne1029 says:

    Some people LOVE tiaras, some people feel they belong to royalty and beauty queens only. I think the real problem is when some brides wear obnoxiously big/blingy/tacky tiaras (generally in combination with big pouffy hair!)

    If you like your tiara, and it sounds like you’ve chosen something tasteful, go for it! I’m wearing one. I figured I’ll never get another chance in my adult life to wear a crown. 🙂

    Good luck!

  20. Valerie H says:

    Its a fine line between what looks nice and what looks over the top. It will depend on each individual tiara and you will have to put on several – with your dress and veil – to decide. You want something classy and not something that makes the statment that its your day to be a princess.

  21. sylvia says:

    Tiaras are really, really common now, and there are some lovely ones that don’t make you look like you just won prom queen. I’ve not heard anything about them being "taboo" at all!

    The best advice I can give you is to get your veil & tiara and play with your hair.

    I had a small, simple tiara picked out to wear with my veil. However, once I pulled my hair up and added the veil, the tiara looked out of place, so I ended up selling it on eBay.

    If it works with your veil and your dress and your ‘do – then do it!

  22. JM says:

    When else are you going to get to wear a tiara. Wear it, and wear it proud! It will look very pretty in your pictures.

  23. sparkleythings_4you says:

    I love my tiara, it’s not prom queen or Statue of Liberty looking, don’t listen to what anyone else says, if you like it then wear it with pride.

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