bellas hair and dress in breaking dawn wedding?

i really need a picture of what bellas hair might have looked like in her wedding and maybe her dress too? any ideas? pictures please!
oh and i know it had braids but i just cant picture it

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  1. Mollie says:

    If you type "Bella’s Wedding Dress" into google and then click on the first image that is from, it takes you to a site that has pics of what I think it looks like. It also has Edward’s tux and the ring, etc.

  2. noneya says:

    yeah me too steph is so no descriptive about that part anyone can help tell me too

  3. Michelleyy<3 says:

    i know her hair was verrrry curly but i dont remember much else really im pretty sure they caked her with make up since she couldnt even recognize herself

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