2 Responses to Best place to get hair done for simple wedding?

  1. LalaIsLovedByGod says:

    Believe it or not some great clips branches do updo styling for $40! You could also post an ad on craigslist under "creative gigs" and there are plenty of women who will do your hair for free and I have never had a bad experience doing this for many of my photo shoots as a model. Just ask for her portfolio and if she does not have one don’t go with her services 🙂 Another trend I’ve seen a lot is just leaving it down with a clip or flower in the brides hair, and this always looks stunning and natural! Good luck darling and congrats on your big day 🙂

  2. Autumngirl says:

    We would really know where you’re located (approximately) to give ideas on a specific salon, but in general:

    1. Though you’re trying not to go too expensive here (understandable), DON’T go to a place/person you’ve never gone to before. Just don’t. Call around and ask about rates for a session to see what types of styles the hairdresser might make for you, *ahead of time of the wedding* so there are no bad surprises on your wedding day. Just trust me on this one. Some places will do the first session for free.

    2. Long & curly: cascading curls in an updo are of course a wedding classic. Try very straight side bangs for contrast and to make the ‘do look current.

    3. DO bring along your wedding headpiece so the hairdresser can see what styles will work with it.

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