10 Responses to Best Prom hair for long and thick hair?

  1. Minkowskispacetime says:

    Oh you want to join, "The Long Hair Community", like my wife.

  2. linktheworld219 says:

    guys wont be looking or care about your hair.

  3. cinderella says:

    I had the same problem and my prom was last weekend. I ended up doing this.


    The picture doesn’t show to much, but it is an idea. They used 3 sets of hot rollers in my hair, and it turned out beautifully.

  4. Nikki G says:

    Are you going to a salon or doing it yourself??
    I have really long hair, down to my belly button and thick..
    I always do my own, updo’s will keep it out of your face for the night and still look flashing, it depends on your hair color, dress, body type though…

    If you are blonde i would go with:
    thats a half half, its really pretty!

    and stick a flower in the side to match your dress so you dont look like everyone with curls!

    Hope this helped!!

  5. honeohhone says:

    you can do whatever style you want with that much hair… as long as it is pin securly and done by a professional so you have someone to blame if it fall down…lol…here is some pics for you….


  6. patticharron says:

    If you have long think hair, you’d probably be most comfortable pulling it back into a ponytail (wrap several strands of hair around the ponytail) or have it done in a pretty French braid or a reverse French braid.

    If you put your hair up, halfway through the evening, it will be falling down in bits and you’ll be disappointed. To get that much hair up, you need loads of product and hairspray, so your hair will feel like concrete, too.

    Check out this site for ideas:

    Visit with a really good stylist a week or so before the prom for more ideas.

    Have a great time!

  7. Tinkerbell =) x says:

    hey of course boys are gunna look at her its nature! hey hunny aw cant wait for myn either next year tho 🙁 my hairs like yours and im gunna go for big loose curls =) with a pretty tiara and a few clips x

  8. guardie13 says:

    i think your hair would be cute if you wore it like taylor swift did to the 42nd Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. It was pulled back, but really cute and classy. when you look at the pic, scroll a little less 3/4 of the way down. She’s wearing a light pink dress and is standing in front of a pink wall with sponsors on it. i think that would be adorable, i was thinking of doing my hair that way.

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