College student to do wedding hair?

Do you think that it would be a good option to have a student in beauty school do my hair and bridesmaids hair for my wedding? It would help her to recomend her if she is good, and would it be a good price for me and be worth it? Does anyone know someone in Arizona, Surprise who could probably do that for me, and do some practice shots before the wedding??
I would really appreciate your imput.

Thank you, God bless

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  1. Luxy In Love says:

    I have my hair cut and colored at a beauty school all the time. It’s a very good way to save money and get a cutting edge style!

    When I set my appointment, I always ask for one of the floor supervisors. There are only two of them where I go and I ask them, "Which one of your students is the best at styling, coloring, up-do’s, etc?" The supervisors KNOW who is most skilled and haven’t been wrong yet! Also, I ask which of the students are training outside the facility to get their hours completed as well. Some of the students work in top-notch salons in and around Los Angeles on nights and weekends. These students in particular have additional skills from training on the outside.

    Also, find your local beauty school and sign up for their emails. Once a month, I get coupons from mine which give me 1/2 off all services! This means I get my hair colored (weaved) with 2 colors (Redken color), cut, and styled for $32! ($64 regular price) If you can get a coupon, it would be a great way to do a trial run for about $10-15 which is how much I was quoted for an up-do.

    I also plan on having my hair done at a beauty college in Las Vegas for my wedding. I will have a trial run done here at my local school first and will have a friend take pictures.


  2. Kim H says:

    Definitely see how good she is first – do some practice runs.

  3. ~Grace~ says:

    Are you asking me personally what I would do or just what I think about it?

    Personally, I would only trust my wedding day hair to my normal stylist or to someone that my stylist has highly recommended. I would prefer my own stylist, because he is use to doing my hair and understand the texture of it, the way it falls on my head and way it reacts to certain hair products or styles. If he wasn’t available, I’d trust his opinion and go with someone else that works in that particular salon. That way, I can consult with the two of them about my hair, during a scheduled trial prior to the wedding.

    But, you can go with a cosmetology student. That’s your personal decision. But, I would make sure you go to a school that has a really good reputation. See where their grads work after completing their training and ask to see if your student has pictures of prior work. Also, make sure the student will be supervised and that everything will be done well. You don’t want your up-do falling out, because the student forgot the proper way to secure it and a teacher wasn’t there to correct the mistake.

  4. LFM says:

    Contact the local beauty colleges and ask to do free trials with the graduates or students. See their work and decide then.

    All the best!

  5. Mrs. Bueler says:

    I thought about going with a student as well – trying to go as cheap as possible of course! I went (since they are cheap) and asked for a wedding style updo… it turned out hideous (she loved it though…) and I went to my normal hair stylist, and she did a ‘practice run’ free of charge after she had cut and colored my hair… just instead of styling it, and it turned out amazing! I paid a few extra dollars for my hairstyle, but I had at least 5 people ask me where I got my hair done during the reception! And, some of my mom’s friends were calling her a few weeks later asking where I had gotten it done.
    Just make sure you do what you want and not what anyone else wants!
    Good luck!

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