5 Responses to Could anyone send me some cute scene hairstyle pictures?

  1. Ska Muffin says:

    Scenesters are totally unoriginal… You can’t seriousley wanna be a poser, can you? Just be yourself for a change!

  2. LoVeS tO gO ʎzɐɹɔ says:

    of course! yeah, i think that it’s so hard to find some styles and cuts that work for face shapes, color, and hair type. Lucky for you I’m here to help!

    I am in love with this hairstyle! Especially with blonde/bleach blonde hair a style with long, long, pretty layers that flip around a heart-shaped face is soooo pretty.

    I think it’s adorable when people have the little wispy bangs and stuff. there’s so much you could do with it! But avoid blunt bangs straight across- although it can be chic and edgy it really doesn’t do much justice.

    Hope i helped and good luck!!

  3. ℓυcy ℓestrαηgε; says:

    Just cut your hair fluffy and long,<if thats possible>
    And with layers..
    And You dont possibly wanna be a scene <-they are just posing and unoriginal.

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