Cute, easy way to pull my hair back for a wedding?

I have brown hair that is a bit longer than my shoulders. I am looking for a cute, simple way to be able to pull it back for a wedding I have next weekend. It has to be something that is easy enough for me to do by myself and I don’t want it to look too "done". It’s just that my hair off my shoulders will look better with my dress.

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  1. Athena says:

    Last time i went to a wedding…i also wanted to put my hair back since i wanted to dance and didn’t want to get all sweaty and gross looking so i straightened it put it into a pony tail but i did a little poof in the front it’s easy to do and all you need is a lil hairspray

  2. versantly says:

    have your hairdresser style your hair for the important event.

  3. whaza w says:

    if you are hot, than it doesn’t really matter. if not… good luck

  4. rgms38 says:

    If you have a picture of the dress, I think you will get better answers. But I think the classic homecoming look would look good. up in a bun with loose curls and having a few strands of curly hair hanging down to look soft.

    this one is what im talking about

  5. Tesla says:

    Pull your hair back into a ponytail, but, for the last time that you are going to pull it through the loop, don’t. Instead, pull it almost through and let it form a ball. Hide the little end on the underside of the ball. Pin a pretty barrett or a flower onto the top of the band. If you have wisps of hair that fall out of the band around your face (or you could intentionally do this), use a curling iron to make them spiral.

  6. gail ann says:

    What you could try is a molding method on your Hair. Wash and condition and towel dry….add gel and any holding product. Get a diffuser and turn the dryer on low and start drying your hair.

    The trick is to not touch your hair with your hands. No brush or anything is touching except the diffuser. If done right your well have curl to play with.

    Take a band and put in a pony tail pulling from in back of the ear.Twist is you want and try a new look.

    Then if you like what you see take a picture and run real fast to a professional for the Wedding look.

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