do guys not like girls with short, guy like hair?

like this
or ones the look kinda like guys either?

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4 Responses to do guys not like girls with short, guy like hair?

  1. SR13 says:

    Depends on the guy. I liked a skin head girl at University because she was a punk skater and so was I. She had a boyish image but was so much fun that she was attractive. The photos of the hairstyles you showed aren’t that manly anyway so I doubt that it would put me off at all.

  2. 2 Happy says:

    well i personally like mid hair length, but it all depends on how you where it. I like the first one you listed. 😛

  3. Don Don says:

    most of the time i personally dont like short hair just depends on the person that wears it like that 🙂

  4. warren2013 says:

    i personally do not i like long hair or even kinda short but not really short in fact i hate it and dont think id ever get with a girl who did grow your hair out its much sexier

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