Do hair stylists hate or like this question?

For all hair cutters or stylists, would you like it if someone were to tell you to do whatever you wanted to their hair? Cutting-wise I mean.

I’m asking because I’d really like to get a stylist’s cut, not because I brought in a picture of a celebrity, but because I got a cut from someone who sees my facial shape and can recommend a good cut. I would honestly be down with just about anything.

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2 Responses to Do hair stylists hate or like this question?

  1. MAMMIEJOTX says:

    Being a hairdresser I would suggest you take a picture of styles you like In this way she will have an idea at least and then suggest how it might be modified to suit the shape of your face..Tell her what you would like to accomplish. That’s how you communicate with her in the best possible way. Good luck to you…

  2. I am Ana so hi says:

    i am no hairstylist but i know 1 thing 4 sure if u do that make sure its a girl cutting your hair not a boy (no offence to boys) but its a proven fact that girls can see with more detail and honestly some of the guys might just cut all our hair off

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