Do you get your hair done for the wedding the day of?

This is probably a stupid question for most but do you get it done the morning of the wedding? or the day before ( I assume it’s not the day before because if you sleep it will get smashed). Also I have to help set everything up before people arrive so what is a good way to keep my hair in place? The wedding will be outside. Getting married March 21st. Do I need to make an appointment now for a hair dresser or do I wait till it gets closer?

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  1. ~Sheila~ says:

    Yes, the day of
    Most likely, the hairspray etc. can keep it in place. Also be sure to wear a button down or zip down shirt so you won’t wreck your hair when you change.
    Yes make an appointment now. It will help you be more organized and will ensure that someone is available exactly when you want your hair done.
    Also make the hair appointment as late into the day as possible, while still taking into account makeup, changing, etc, i.e. you might not want to make it 9 am if the wedding starts at 6 pm.

  2. Kristy says:

    You can help set everything up then have her do your hair after wards right before the wedding. You do not get it done the day before. You need to make your appointment ASAP, I made my hair appointment 6 months in advance.

  3. Zerachiel says:

    you want to make you hair appointment asap if you can, you normally get the hair done a few hours before the wedding. as most updo’s take an hour / hour and a half to do you want to give yourself enough time to get you hair done and get to the wedding site and get dressed and photos.

  4. zoey101 says:

    absolutely……. make an appointment now!!! if i were you i would do a "test" run for the hair because you never know how your hair will hold outdoors. then the day of the wedding……. help set up a bit, then go be a bride and get your hair done!! its your day……. you shouldnt have to help set EVERYTHING up!!! good luck!!

  5. candies63 says:

    Do not get your hair done the day before. It will definitely be ruined!
    March 21st is right around the corner, you should find a hairstylist asap and make an appointment to have a trial run to make sure you like what they do. Then make an appointment for the morning of. Buy a bottle of hairspray so you can touch it up every so often.


  6. Paige I says:

    I would make an appointment as soon as possible just to be safe, you never know if they’ll be too busy to take on a bridal party. If it’s just you, you’ll probably be OK, but figure out who you want to do your hair, ask for pictures of past brides or prom hairdos, if you’re not familiar with the stylists, and prices, and make the appointment. I’ve never seen anybody get their hair done the day before, so if you have time make the appointment just a few hours before the ceremony. Having a delicate hairdo is a great excuse to not have to do any work 😛

  7. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ says:

    Mr Naumann? I knew a Naumann! It’s a pretty rare name! I could tell you a thing or two about that man!

  8. Annabella says:

    We ended up getting married by ourselves in Hawaii but I did plan a full blown wedding here & what I did was schedule a consultation with a deposit to secure my date. It’s basically a trial run a month or two before the wedding. And yes you should get it done the same day. Even though we eloped I still had my hair done at the hotel’s salon a few hours before the ceremony. I don’t know what kind of hairspray she used but not one hair on my head ever moved & we were married on the sand with a pretty good wind going on. Your hairstylist will know what to do. I do hair as well & I was responsible for a lot of up-do’s while I was in school. If your hair is going to be really slicked back or even just a bit of bang in the front, that’s not a problem at all because you can just keep spraying it until it ceases moving LOL! If you’re having a looser style, you might just want to mention to your stylist that you’re going to be doing some running around & tell her to give you little samples of any smoothing creme she uses & then just keep some hairspray & a curling iron or flat iron (whatever your style will be) on hand for little tweaks before the ceremony.

  9. brwneyes says:

    You get your hair done the day of the wedding.

    I would try and schedule something now. It is actually sort of late to find a hairdresser.

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