Do you know any prom hairstyles for short hair?

I know prom’s a few months away, but i’m starting to plan and look for dresses already.

My hair is a little bit longer than chin length and is usually styled into a bob-like hairstyle. I’ve been looking on the internet for pictures and it’s been hard for me to find nice hairstyles for shorter hair like mine.

Any ideas or pictures would be appreciated! Thanks bunches =]

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3 Responses to Do you know any prom hairstyles for short hair?

  1. Put on the Full Armor of God says:

    Try These Bob Styles in these Pics
    You can see these styles in on these Yahoo Groups

    If You want here are other Yahoo Groups for other hairstyles
    If You Like Strange alternative Hairstyles This Yahoo Group may prove interesting.

    Now if you like even shorter hairstyles, try this Yahoo Group for
    Women with ultra short hairstyles or bob cuts. This is a yahoo Group for that
    Now This Yahoo Group is a Variety
    This group is dedicated to beautiful women with beautiful hair whether it’s long, short, curly, straight, updo, down, ponytail, pigtails, braided, greased, wet, shampooed, in rollers, under a hat, blonde ,brunette or redhead.

    This is not just another group about hairstyles. It is about beautiful women with beautiful hair.

    While there is a sensuous nature to beautiful hair this is not an Adult group despite the classification by Yahoo., You can see this Group here at this Link

  2. nim says:

    you could try and curl it, or just messy but styled(?) and/or and big clip/hairband, like a bow or flower to match your dress..?
    or you could go to the hairdressers and ask them what they think..

    hope this helps (:

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