Do you think this hairstyle and colour will suit me?

i want a change and i was thinking of going blonde a while back but then i decided against it
anywya im thinking about it again

this is me;

i quite like these styles nad colours

do you think either of those will suit me or i should stay dark?
if you dont like either of the pics, it would be really helpful if you could show me some pics of styles and coloours you think will suit me

thankyouu in advance xxx

i know ive already asked this but i didnt get many answers

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5 Responses to Do you think this hairstyle and colour will suit me?

  1. Taste the Rainbow says:

    I think blond would look nice on you, just not a complete head of blond. Brown with blond streaks would look a lot nicer. Something like these:

  2. second place says:

    go for the second one, but keep your colour.

  3. Oh So Curious says:

    I think that the second blonde image will suit you, but my best advice is to stick within the brown to brown-red ranges, because they really suit your eyes and your skin tone. The best advice anyone ever gave me was stick to what you were originally given, and enhance it. I originally had dark brown hair but now it’s light brown/dark gold with red sort of mixed in. I really wanted to be blonde, but my best advice is talk with a colour specialist. That saved me from huge hair mistakes that would have left me looking like a tomato. Whatever you have, I really hope it looks good 🙂

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