Does anyone have hairstyle ideas for me?

I want to try something new and different! Also, if you have any other advice about my makeup or style or anything, please tell me!

(there are like 3 pics on this page…)
And please add links of picture ideas!

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7 Responses to Does anyone have hairstyle ideas for me?

  1. Mei L says:

    Let me just start off by saying you are very pretty! 🙂 I think that your hairstyle right now really suits you , but you try getting some more angles around the face and adding a dark red highlight would be really pretty.

    I think for your makeup a try using some mineral powder. And a peachy colored blush. And keep the eye natural. A little eye liner and mascara would be perfect.

    Hope this helps(:

  2. victoria says:

    i would cut off your bangs and get blond highlights

  3. Jess says:

    definitely get rid of the bangs

  4. Sean Lolan says:

    high lights

  5. Jordy B says:

    You have a very pretty face! I’d grow out your bangs. Pin them to the side and die you hair maybe a darker red. You’d look AMAZING with some curls. Wash your hair before you go to sleep and put it in curlerls. Then in the morning take them out and apply hairspray! You’d look really pretty! Maybe grow your hair longer too. For your makeup I’d suggest black mascara and a purple eye shadow. Try a nice red lipstick too.

  6. O.SO.EMO says:

    Let me start by saying plz don’t get rid of the bangs. Just get more. Get your stylist to make more bangs.I really like this hairstyle,look at it. Just straighten your hair and get it trimmed a little bit. Maybe some lighter highlights. For makeup,use avons mascara it works really great. A thin line of eye liner. Eye shadow that’s light brown. Lighter lip stick/gloss. Powder/foundation,I use both. Hope this helps.

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