6 Responses to Does anyone have tips for a hair updo for a wedding party?

  1. harrgiss2 says:

    This is hard to describe but i think a hair dresser would understand. Put your hair up in a pony tail..then have the hair dresser curl lots and lots of individual strands. Once that is done have them boby pin them all around and let them fall. its actually pretty cute i did mine that way for prom couple years back..hope you can picture how it would look like. good luck

  2. kess says:

    wear something comfortable. that will sweat good. i always find if i do a dramatic updo then by the end of ceremony and dancing i end up looking like i just slept on my hair.

  3. OneRunningMan says:

    I recommend that you go to a reputable hair stylist!

  4. jade11378 says:

    Updos could get tricky because you would need eyes behind your head. I would find a good curling iron. Split your hair horizontally in three sections. Start from the bottom, take a chunk of hair and curl it clockwise, then take the next chunk and curl it counter clockwise. Do it over and over until you have got all the layers down. Split your hair far on one side, curl bangs or the front part of the hair away from your face, that’ll give it a wave effect. Last pull back three small sections on the smaller split side and clip it back with bobby pins. I think it’s a classic look. Like the one on my avatar.

  5. brooke06 says:

    ok,i love doing hair, if you want, go to wal mart and get some hair clips but its like about a 4 inch hair clip that kinda clips into palce you can either take your hair and like, brush it real tight and twist it up then put hte hair clip in it and then you left oer hair will either stand up, or kind clow over. if it flows over, then get a curling iron and curly those parts, then grab some baby breath from wal mart and stick that all in your hair and get some glitter spray and jsut spray a lil bit on there OR if you hair is too short and it sticks up a little bit then you should kinda go with the messy look and still put some baby breath in it, or just get a diamond pin, that you put in your hair, and which ever side you part your hair on, use the other side and kinda take your hand and pull a lil bit of your hair back and get the pin with diamonds, or pearls, even flowers will be fine, and stick it on that side of your hair, then jsut curly the tips of it. this usually works well, ive done many peopls hair from prom

  6. baseball baby says:

    a cute bun with curls hanging in the back and two to the side of your face in the front and i depends are you the one geting married cause if you are it still would look realllllllllllllly cute for a weding or the guest

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