4 Responses to Does Anyone know of a good resource for Wedding hair Syles?

  1. chrissy says:

    Try your local library. I couldn’t find anything online either. I was doing hair for my daughter (flower girl) so I went to the library and got a bunch of books on wedding hair styles, updo’s etc. Most had step by step directions and different angled pictures.

  2. Tamyabra B says:

    Yes you can get some barriers and a french roll in the back

  3. Jen says:

    a mesy bun with some strans of hair coming down its really pretty

  4. Charlie Ann says:

    If you have a strapless dress, leave it down with soft curls, or maybe just the top half pulled back, and add your weil and tierra. That way you don’t have a big space in the back where all you see is skin. It balances out alot better.

    If you want to see pictures, get a prom hair style magazine, they have many fancy styles. They seem to be more common than wedding hair mags.

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