dose any 1 have a pretty style with curls for a wedding a hair style.?

i want my hair to be down with really pretty curls dose any 1 have any ideas or pics that they can tell me or show me about?
ps. my hair isnt curly its stright but that day i want to curl it and i really want to know what should i do with it.

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  1. sweet cherry girl says:

    i know you want it down but if you put up-you could do it like this-

    if you want it down-curl the hair on the sides of your face-then curl the sides-pull back some of it, but leave the two pieces of hair you curled 1st(the ones on the side of your face) it will look even better if you put something cute to hold it up-

  2. mandi says:


  3. Kara says:

    i have really curly hair and i would suggest a pouf. like where you just pin like the front part of your hair back. and then add a headband, or two skinny ones to finish it off

  4. isabella m says:

    I have my membership at the
    is cool you could try all kinds of hair styles and print and take to your salon to get it just how you want.
    Is real cheap and worth it.NO guessing NO nothing,,
    just load your picture once you get membership like face type and you could get votes to see what other ppl think about your hairstyles.Is fun and cool seeing how you look with differant looks what you waiting for go there now okay.,.
    has tips too about make up and local salons etc..worth it totally girl eh..have fun..

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