5 Responses to female navy hair cut.?

  1. drummer880 says:

    Neither. Both are to long. It has to be above the collar without any thing holding it in place. After basic, it can be as long as your want, as long as it can be put up above the collar while in uniform. If you dont cut it before you leave, they will chop it off when you get there. And they dont care if it looks "pretty". They get paid by the number of haircuts they give, so its quick and rough. If you trim a bit more off the first one, you got it.

  2. marisela says:

    i think the first one might do im not sure tho

  3. dutchman681 says:

    The requirements for female hair is that it can not fall below the bottom of the collar while in uniform. In boot camp, this must be done without any bands, clips, pins or anything else. It also can not fall in the face. The two pics you attached would be too long on the sides. If they could be pulled up while on duty, it might make it, but definitely too long for boot camp.

  4. Mrsjvb says:

    about an inch shorter than the first one for Boot Camp. after that you can grow it out as long as it can be worn above the collar while in uniform.

  5. Carrot says:

    Shorter than the first one. My hair has been growing out since they cut it in September and it’s still shorter than the first one. And you don’t have to cut it, they’ll cut it for you 🙂

    Here’s a picture of a female at OCS about two months after the hair was initially cut.


    After you’re done with your initial training, you can have it as long as you want as long as you pin it up when you’re in your in uniform.

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