6 Responses to Going to an Indian wedding: How should I do my hair?

  1. SHAMUXOXOXO says:

    if ur hair is straight….
    down or half loose ponytail
    if its curly……
    best go with a braid

  2. _S a r a h_ says:

    OH I loove Indian weddings even though I haven’t been to any ^^’
    Wear your hair down, It looks gorgeous, just make sure there is no fizziness and wear that bracelet kind of thing : as in the link https://nicefun.net/userpix3/Keerthi_Chawla_Lovely_NiceFun.net_4_1.jpg
    make your hair a litle wavy . It looks gorgeous!

  3. jasmine says:

    yes!!! i love indian weddings! i just went to my cousins last year in december.

    i was wearing a lehnga, so i wore my hair long and straight (my hair is 2 inches past my boob)

    you could also wear it in a messy bun with a few strands hanging loose. it’s an easy to take care of updo, since your saari/salwar kameez suit might be too heavy.

  4. Crazy L says:

    wavey and down…. and use a henna treat ment

  5. crystalinx says:

    wear it open but decorate it with some beautiful clips and flowers..fresh flowers..or just braid it and pin some jasmine at the top..or a traditional bun

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