Good updo hair styles for my wedding?

Three of my four bridesmaids have shorter hair, but me and my fourth bridesmaid have long hair. I’m looking for good updo’s for us because my wedding is in September, it usually gets pretty hot then here in Wisconsin. I’ve been looking all over online, but a lot of them look the same just really not my style, anyone know any good sites with pictures of updos? Please help!
I want classy, not trashy!

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3 Responses to Good updo hair styles for my wedding?

  1. Gene says:

    This page has a bunch of pictures that should help you out: If those don’t do it for you, try a google image search for "wedding updo" or something like that.

  2. Gabi Ditommaso says:

    you could just do them in like a mini pony tail on the top, and you could have some hair down on the bottom.

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