Guy hairstyle with photo links?

Teen guy with square jaw, large eyes, ovalish face, slender build. Very "guy" looking, looks Native American-ish.
Hair is very dark, very thick, and has a slight wave at the ends.
Hair will still be long after the locks of love donation….yes, it is long right now, but not cutting yet because it needs to be on the long side after the donation, he HATES short hair, but will soon be above shoulder-longish.
What is a really good cut? Any photos to bring to the salon?

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7 Responses to Guy hairstyle with photo links?

  1. xalohasweetiex61 says:

    thats joe nichols incase u want to look him up and see different angles

    try sumthing like that maybe? seems like what ur explaining about hair type. he also has a strong jaw line. i like it alot. hope it helps

  2. gaby t says:


  3. ViolinMaster#1 says:


  4. Carolina Sunshine says:

    Short and spiked

  5. scarlett_85742 says:

    First , locks of love is a blatant rip-off. Forget that crap. Do a little research and you will find that 99% of the donated hair is sold, not used in wigs. The few wigs that are made are sold for exorbitant prices to people who have alopecia, not cancer.All this so that the woman who runs it can have a 50,000 + income. Now maybe you will reevaluate this hair cutting.

  6. Falin says:


  7. Dazzled and Confuzzled says:

    now i know what you ar thinking. but, if you get this ct when your hair is at shoulder length, and its not poofy, it looks really good. i wish i had a pic of my friend nick. but get it cut with a side part, no layers, just cut stright across

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