Hair stylist tipping for wedding ?

Hi! I’m having a local (California wine country) hair stylist do my hair and makeup for my wedding. The package cost 0.00. It includes a 3.5 hour trial or preview and the day of the wedding hair & makeup. They aren’t traveling more than 5-10 minutes to the location. It’s one person doing the whole thing and she’s scheduled 3 hours to complete my look on the wedding day.

Should I tip her? Is too cheap? In my opinion the price of 0 is pretty steep for what she’s going to do… so I just would like other’s opinions.


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  1. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    I would call around and see how much stylist in that area charge for updos and makeup. Coming to your location and getting two updos and makeup done – thats probably the going rate. If she is independent – Id say tip her $50. IF she works for a salon, Id say more. She is only getting a percentage of that and the tip is soley hers

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