hairstyle for prom – is this pretty or weird?

so I kinda want something like this – half up in a circular french braid, half down:×300.jpg
but imagine the hair longer, smoother, and brunette.
what do you think? pretty and unique? or just odd?

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4 Responses to hairstyle for prom – is this pretty or weird?

  1. cherry_emz says:

    I think it would look really nice, but you would need A LOT of hairspray. If you are dancing I imaging the curls might fall out and it may end up looking a bit frazzled. Depends on how thick you hair is and think about in the past if when you have curled your hair if they fell out easily or not. If they hold well it should be great!

  2. K.R. Lovingham says:

    It’s pretty and quite unique. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be the only one with your hair like that.

  3. Smiles xoxo says:

    Maybee if the plait was smaller , but apart from that , its really gorgeous 🙂 its not weird at all ! x its popular with a few models 2 x definatly x

  4. Christie says:

    i think it is rather strange..

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