5 Responses to Hairstyle question. [photos]?

  1. simplylovelrykae says:

    you’re really cute
    you could pull of about any hair cut the only thing is you want to be sure its what you REALLY want and be sure you get a good stylist who knows what they are doing!! don’t let them ruin your gorgeous hair!!
    i had a bad expereince with a stylist who didnt know what i wanted when i said short and choppy and she but it ALL off!! haha now i make sure i take a picture of what i am wanting like a celebrity or something!!

  2. MMAARREE says:

    Yes! You have a very pretty face and can totally pull it off. Just make sure to consult with your stylist on the best cut to fit your face.

  3. Lexi‚ô• says:

    i think you should get a couple inches cut off… it think it would be cute!

  4. Beach_girlii_13 says:

    i think that that would look so cute!

  5. hannah:) says:

    I think you would look great with a jaw length bob, but tousle it a little.
    here’s a site with a picture, i hope you like it!

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