7 Responses to Have no IDEA what to do for my wedding hair do?

  1. ♥ April ♥ says:

    Is there any way that they can pull it all back then put a hair piece on the top? If they really secure the hair back and put in one of those real hair pieces on the top of your head it would look nice with a tiara and veil…

  2. chocolate_krys2000 says:

    I am in the same boat. Halter dress, I want to wear hair down, but an up do would be elegant… google some styles and hopefully you will get creative

  3. writers_block2006 says:

    Well before the wedding, make an appointment with a hairstylist to experiment. It’ll be worth you time and money not to have to worry about it. Be sure that you bring your headpiece and veil if you’re wearing one.

    The suggestion to Google Wedding hairstyles is a good one as well.

  4. chefperry says:

    You could use something to help keep your hair in place e.g. a large flower, it adds elegance to the updo


    or because its your big day, its inprtant to look ur best, if you would consider getting hair extensions, you could achieve any look, exspensive but worth it

  5. Say says:

    Why not get really good extensions?

  6. ○•○•Cassie•○•○ says:

    If you want it up then you are going to have to get extensions. How about wearing it straight with a pretty rhinestone headband?

  7. gizmo101504 says:

    Check out these websites:




    They have hairstyle sections you can look at.

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