9 Responses to Have no IDEA what to do for my wedding hair do?

  1. Tannia S says:

    If you are saying that you hair is too short… dont worry.

    Go to a hair salon and ask if they can make your hair longer, they will probably add hair extensions, this will look nice, then ask them to do an updo wedding hairstyle im sure they can work from there, but to be honest this is what i would do mine a bit like:

    From the front:

    From the side:

    You will look stunning im sure!

    Thank you
    Tannia x

    (And btw)
    CONGRATUALATIONS 😀 I hope you live a happy life with your soon to be husband )

  2. Tina T says:

    Just choose a veil with a headress and then you don’t really have to worry about it.

  3. OCD says:

    This is very pretty


    Then you can put small flowers all over.

  4. HollYNicolE<3 says:

    Go to a beauty salon. There are plently of magazines that should have just what you’re looking for. If not, as a beautition for help.

  5. Nicky says:

    What do you mean; that’s how long your hair is?

  6. joeysbaby0702 says:

    Well I have always heard that you should wear your hair the way you always do, cause u look back at them forever and don’t want to look different.

  7. aurorah says:

    I wouldn’t go with anything too extreme, because you won’t like the pictures later. Wear some beautiful earrings and let your happiness shine through.

  8. freaky And sneaky says:

    OCD musta not read how long your hair was. Well. I think you should get some sew ins, then do your little up do. How about that??

  9. Diana K says:

    The only thing that OCD said right was put flowers in your hair. I’m talking like decorative. Here look at this, this is really pretty.


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