HELP! How should I wear my hair and do my make-up to a wedding?

Im going to a wedding in the country. Theres a chance of rain, and it’s going to be a little humid. Im wearing a cute strapless knee length dress with a cardigan and cowboy boys. We’re seating on hay bales. I need help; please. Curls are hard to do to my hair. I no if i wear it straight like i normally do it will get humid and friz. My hair is nautrally straight. I have fare skin

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  1. Sweet*Lana says:

    Well….. i just went to a wedding but it was much different. Um… i’m thinking that you should not curl your hair because my hair is very much alike- naturally straight and when i curl it, in an hour or so it just becomes flat or a bit wavy. Oh, you know what? You could just crimp it, or…. wait is the wedding today? From the way you describes your outfit, it seems very cute 🙂

  2. Chanel says:

    ugh, i hate getting ready for weddings, but i love them, i recomend, using like water proof makeup then, so it won’t fad, or smear, if you hair, doesn’t curl and you want it striaght you have 3 options

    1/wear and updo
    2/wear a headband or accessories
    3/do a half do

    i just adore half do, you can do it like my pro pic. or this

    (like the second one!)

    i recomend doing an updo, but don’t leave you hair just straight, you’ll look exahusted out of the wedding, because it usually takes like 5 hours!


    i found miranda kerr very inspiring, because it’s more natural but pretty, you need mascara, and blush, and maybe color, depending on you natural lip color, find more of a tan color for you blush instead of pink, and lightlky outline you eyebrows.

    also check out my fashionblog
    (located on my profile)

  3. kookygirl10 says:

    ^^its an amazing hair and quite simple too!

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