Help me find a wig for this hairstyle and color?

I am in a large 1 1/2 hour long play this weekend. The wig I was origonally using was destroyed in an unavoidable event.

So I need to order a wig online [I’d need express shipping, of course] to have it by this friday.

I need the wig to match this hairstyle:


I CAN style it, but the bangs and the length needs to be right, so it can be styled into that hair I pictured above.

The color is the most important part.

Now, I ask, does anyone know of a wig shop online that is AFFORDABLE [ I can’t spend more than on the wig itsself] that carries something I can work with to get the style I need?

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2 Responses to Help me find a wig for this hairstyle and color?

  1. Sara♥ says:

    I couldnt find anything except for on ebay but the wig is too long.
    Could you maybe cut it?

    Message me for the link
    Since I dont know I f I could get in trouble or not for posting it =P

  2. crystal m says:

    idk but those pics are hot lol good luck

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