How can i find the right salon to do my hair for my wedding?

I am getting ready to look for a salon to do my hair for my wedding. I have black hair and want to make sure the salon I choose definitly has someone that has lots of experience doing black hair but I’m not sure how to go about asking that. I’m looking for salons in or around Ann Arbor, MI.

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3 Responses to How can i find the right salon to do my hair for my wedding?

  1. sunita s says:

    there is a nice salon in birmingham called RED. you should go there

  2. daobrien01 says:

    Friends and family is the best resources. If they have had their hair done for weddings or associated with weddings and they went to a salon in your area, then use their recommendations.

  3. Laura D says:

    You can use places like, or for information in your area, but the best place to start is friends and family. Also, ask the salons about how they can do your hair for your wedding. Get price/Quotes, and compare. Also, talk to the stylists and ask questions. You will find out how you feel about them as you are talking to them. Also, ask if they do a hairstyle/makeup run before the wedding, generally that will tell you if you like them as well.

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