How can I get my hair to wave/curl?

I’d like to get this look. My hair length is just below my bra strap, I’ve tried using a small curling iron, and a medium but I just can’t seem to get it to come out right. Any tips?

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5 Responses to How can I get my hair to wave/curl?

  1. amazingxallison says:

    if you want it to be wavy, after you get out of the shower
    -towel dry your hair so it is just damp
    -then apply mouse and comb your hair
    -scrunch your hair makes it semi wavy
    -after you scrunch it put it up in a messy high bun
    -in the morning you take it out and your hair’s wavy!

  2. Katie says:

    curl it with the curling iron and then comb them lightly and twist them on ur finger the way ur curled them big curling iron to and big parts of hair

  3. Tweedle Dee says:

    I wash my hair at night and then while its still wet or damp I pile it onto a bun on my head. Then in the morning, use hairspray and then let it down, and spray a little more. My friends do it as well and it lasts all day.

  4. cute gurl says:

    iron and blow dry eezy!!!!!

  5. katie k says:

    curl it, with either a straighter or curling iron, watch videos on youtube to show you how.

    then answer my question ! 🙂

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