How can I get this hairstyle (pic inside)?
It’s Lauren Conrad’s hairstyle(right) and Audrina’s but mostly Lauren’s look. I like the very poofy top and i’ve tried backcombing but it doesn’t. I have straight hair. Does anyone know how to get this look?

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3 Responses to How can I get this hairstyle (pic inside)?

  1. KrulowaKurin says:

    it’s like a hay ball pretty much because theres so much ovious hairspray and teesing involved
    to create that big bumb thing just tease.. tease & tease hair while reapplying hairspray.
    After 10 times you should be good.
    Now you have a bag of hay, so now it’s time to style it.
    By the way don’t touch the end part of your hair thoo.
    Get a comb and start smoothing it out by lighly brushing it so you calm down the first layer on the bag of hay.
    Until you have a flatish kinda sack look the just grab the end of your hair and twist it 4 times to the left.
    Grab bobby pins and tuck them in in unvisible places and you’ll have a sack of hey with a ponytail type thing look now
    so then just get a curling iron and curl a straight lock of hair to make it look like a simple twist.
    Add hair spray and vvvvwallaa!
    Oh ya & straighten and tease your bangs.

  2. tinkie1992 says:

    go see a professinal an show them the pic. say i want my hair like that.

  3. .Bliss In Ignorance. says:

    I just…like, if i want what Audrina has i clip it and push it forward as much as i want it poofy. Is that backcombing? Idk =\

    Try…asking a hairstylist? At a salon or something.

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