6 Responses to How can I get this hairstyle (pic inside)?

  1. LoveeLoveGrl says:

    I’m really not sure, to be honest, try volumizing your hair? then style…not to sure…I am sure that you don’t want your hair to be extremely straight though either. And then again it all depends on your hairtype..

    Good luck,sorry I couldn’t be much of a help

  2. Jane Cage says:

    stop copying people’s style and get ur own!!! maybe u should go for the "Britney extentions-look". THATS HOT!!

  3. lebby23james says:

    you ave to go to appeareance and then click on hairstyle.

  4. Miss K says:

    If your hair doesn’t poof up in the back you can go to a salon and have them do this cutting technique that helps it poof up (sorry I don’t know what it’s called) and it doesn’t change the look of your hair either, just helps it poof when u want it to.

  5. Ethelucy says:

    These stars go to professional stylists who most likely add extentions to their existing hair or hair pieces to achieve this look. Consult your local hairdresser.

  6. *♥Sharpay Evans♥* says:

    lots and lots of hairspray

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