How can I save on hair and makeup for a Sunday wedding?

I am planning a Sunday wedding and many of the places i talked to are charging 400+ for hair and makeup services. Any advice?
It’s a Sunday morning wedding. 10:30am so I think people are charging extra because of that. Not sure… it sounds a lot to me!!!

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  1. Christina says:

    Register at Dillards! they do your makeup for free.. any day.. you get to do a trial before and make an appointment for the day of the wedding. it’s free.. and you can pick any brand.. that’s what I am doing!!

  2. kcms0796 says:

    For makeup find a Mary Kay consultant, someone who has done it for a long time. If she has done it for a while she knows what she’s doing. on hair….hmmm….try beauty colleges they do offer discounted prices and most will work with until it’s to your liking. good luck and congrats on the wedding.

  3. pJ says:

    Do you know any friends who have friends that are hair stylists? Because they you can probably hire them freelance for your day.

    Or maybe you can look into a beauty school (could be risky but make sure to go through a test run first before making any commitments)!

  4. feminooties says:

    what about your own hair stylist? she or he would probably fix your hair for waaay cheaper. i’ve never heard of 400 dollars for hair and make-up..where have you been looking?

    as for it yourself! or hire a helpful friend with skills. or go to a make-up counter at the mall…they will help you for free as long as you purchase a few things.

  5. gingerbread says:

    The best way to save is of course, to do it yourself! I’m doing my make up myself for my wedding.
    For your hair, you can look up in you tube. there are dozens of easy-to-do wedding hairstyles. all u need is a little practice. they are gorgeous and not at all difficult to do! good luck and congrats!

  6. just me! says:

    i agree with the first poster, talk to a mary kay rep – the gal that did my sister’s wedding was a mary kay rep and she did the bridal party’s makeup for the cost of the makeup used and a ‘tip’ of $75.00!
    as for hair, if you can’t do your own then go to your regular salon – most are open on sundays now and you can get your hair done for regular price. $400.00 – bah!
    happy wedding!

  7. AM says:

    Wow very surprised because Sunday weddings should be saving you some money. I would fist try your own stylist. If she isn’t available I would ask for referral from stylist or local salons. Some salons offer bridal packages and they are nearly that high.
    I know the mac counter offers bridal application for the price of 50 or more worth of products, try it out and see if you can book through them.
    Turn to friends. One of my friends actually did my hair on my wedding and did not charge me. I considered that a wedding gift. If not experiment on yourself if the hairdo you want is not too elaborate. I know that on your wedding day the last thing the bride wants to do is hair and make up but if its going to save you some money, why not.

  8. Deirdre B says:

    Find a Mary Kay rep –then get a makeover with her. They have testers that show where to put what where — then you can do your own make up on the day. Even if you buy just a few items you are still spending way less than 400. And your face will look more natural if you do it yourself but a make up consultant can point you to the right colours. THis would be a fun thing to do with your bridal party too if you are into that kind of thing!

  9. bumblebeekee says:

    I didn’t spend that much on getting my hair done, but even still, I should have done it all myself. Well my make-up was done beautifully by a friend so that was cool, but had I just sat and practiced my hairstyle a little more, I would have done fine on my own and saved money in the meantime.

    So do it yourself. Get your veil, tiara, pretty headband, or any other hair accessories you plan on buying. Take pictures, or have a friend take pictures of each style, and after you have a look via computer, or print-outs to see how it looks in pictures, you should be happy with the results! Have fun & happy planning.

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